Web site of an ex-adoptee who successfully annulled his adoption after 47 years.
DSL Education link
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A. L. L. 1-800 hotline numbers for pregnant women who need encouragement to keep their babies.
Web site, home page of Adoption Legalized Lies, an organization dedicated to abolishing adoption and replacing it with other alternatives.
On-line petition to abolish adoption.
Article describing the violent effects of early separation from the mother
Article describing that fetal-maternal bonding begins in the womb
Web Links Containing Scientific Evidence of the Harmful Effects of
           Adoption vis a vis Early Separation From the Mother
  (information has been found to be useful when presented to courts)
Web site called reconnecting Families, dedicated to helping natural parents and adoptees legally reestablish the original family relationship after reunion. The site contains links to many helpful Web sites.
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