Note: This Web site is for people who are seeking to annul an adoption. As described in the article below -- my story -- it will probably be necessary to complete the reunion process, (with the exception of parents challenging consent),  before or during the annulment process. Attacking an adoption in court may also requires access to the original court records. For help in completing an adoption search and or gaining access to original birth records please check with the appropriate Web sites listed in my links section.
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Adoption did not exist in English Common Law or in early American Law, which derived from English Common Law, but was created by statutory law. As a creation of American statutory law, adoption procedures can be attacked in the civil courts, and remedies for the injustices of adoption are available within the Civil Court system. Since the inception of American adoption, in the 19th century, many adoptions have been attacked and successfully voided by the litigants. Most of the early successful litigants against adoption were relatives of the adoptive parents wishing to void the adoption so that they could inherit money from their blood relatives. This form of challenge to adoptions has been less successful in recent years. Another class of individuals attacking adoptions are adopters claiming fraud against the adoption agency. This type of litigation continues to this day. A third class of individuals attacking adoptions are parents seeking to regain custody of their children after relinquishment. Parents usually approach the court and claim there was fraud irregularity or other injustice in the obtention of parental consent to the adoption. These type of cases are becoming more and more common, and are sometimes successful. A fourth class of persons attacking adoption decrees are adoptees seeking to regain their birth identity, and or inherit from their birth families. In recent years, their are examples of adoptees who have successfully annulled their adoption after as long as 47 years, usually by showing some form of fraud in the creation of the adoption, (see link below),
During the years of struggle to abolish slavery, the underground railroad was an escape route for slaves trying to reach Canada. Escapees traveled at night, and headed toward the Big Dipper Constellation, (the Drinking Gourd), which is in the northern sky.
This Web site is dedicated to helping individual adoptees and parents escape from the confines of adoption, while the struggle to free all people from the bondage of adoption continues.
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He left the rich and royal family that adopted him, he returned to lead his birthfamily, and nation to freedom, and was the world's most famous reunited adoptee. History does not tell us whether Moses' adoption was recorded legally. However, after afflicting Pharaoh with 10 plagues, and being told to leave Egypt forever, we can conclude that his adoption was for all practical purposes ended.
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        'Go Down Moses'
         "Go down Moses, way down in Egypt's land
           Tell ole Pharaoh Let my people go!"      
When Israel was in Egypt land, "Let my people go."
Oppress'd so hard they could not stand, "Let my people go."
                               "Go down...
"Thus said the Lord," bold Moses said, "Let my people go.
If not I'll smite your first born dead. Let my people go."
                               "Go down...
" No more shall they in bondage toil. Let my people go.
Let them come out with Egypt's spoil. Let my people go."
                               "Go down...
The Lord told Moses what to do. "Let my people go."
To lead the children of Israel through. "Let my people go."
                               "Go down...
When the Lord brings chil'ren to this world. "Let adoptees go."
One set of parents they come thru. "Let adoptees go!"
                 "Go down children, way down to central city.
                  Tell those, Judges, to let adoptees go!                
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