Welcome! This site is for collectors of model horses like Grand Champions, Fashion Star Fillies, and Breyer Ponies, as my stables are full of them!

Blue Paradise Stables on the old Topcities server has been out of commission and inaccessible to me for more than a year now. I wish I could go in and delete it all, but I'm not even able to log in. This is our new home and it will eventually cover Grand Champions, but other horse lines will be coming first as I'm not nearly into collecting GCs anymore. That is ehh... They don't really even make GCs anymore. Just crap like this:

But who knows. If they start making something decent again, I may get inspired.

I'm just starting out here, though, so it will be a while before all the pages are up. But take a look around at the horses I have covered so far. :o)

The Breyer Pony Pages

The ONLY (as far as I know!) comprehensive site devoted to Breyer's Pony line. Covers everything from '95 to 2006, though the Dapples section is in the process of being re-done. I am really proud of this site, and it's been my main project since the old Stables went defunct.

Fashion Star Fillies

Come meet my fillies and you may be smitten enough to put some of these guys on your own want list!

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