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The following text is extracted,
with the author's permission,
from Arnold McKee's

The Forgotten Corner: The Roundup of 1994

Being raised in this Forgotten Corner, we grew up knowing of the British Block and the horse in the Block. These horses were always referred to as Block Horses, not mustangs. Sometimes they were called shitters or canners or hayburners, but never mustangs, as they were a product of horse ranchers of the area. Hence the name "The Block Horse."

The records are open to anyone to inspect, and each horse has its own file. The original, or foundation, horses had to have all the documentation from the roundup to be accepted. Any horse that did not have a clean paper trail was recorded as appendix which means it was not 100% accurate according to the paper trail, and in breeding them since this will show on the Pedigree Form.

This was a high priority and is still the policy on each foal born and recorded. The motto to carry on is Honesty, Integrity and Dedication and we follow it. At no time in the future can there be any suspicion as to where these horses originated, it is totally authentic.

In discussions with Agriculture Canada, and in direct contact with David Tus, this system was accepted. As is statement of fact, with the clean records which are on file with Agriculture Canada, and two sets kept in the breeders group this is all authentic. These horses can be bred in this system forever from now on. When the time comes that it is proven the horses can be bred true to form, with quality, intelligence and strength, it can then be accepted as an historical breed, with a common denominator: "The British Block"

It will be an honor to all of us when this is complete. This will honor all old horsemen that were raising horses in this Forgotten Corner. There have been some great horsemen in this area and that is the reason for this horse. Anyone born and raised, whether still here or moved to other areas, should be proud to say, "I came from there and the horses are a part of my heritage." Let it be known that the people and this harsh are of Alberta was where this evolved. The people of Canada whose ancestors homesteaded and settled this country should also be proud that these horses are a product of their heritage.

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