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Mabel Kaplan

    Hello! I'm Mabel Kaplan.
    Sit here awhile and watch as the birds
    take over our back garden at the
    beginning and ending of each day to
    splash in the birdbath and tease the
    cat ...

    I'd like to introduce myself ... I live in
    a suburb of Perth, Western Australia.
    There are three of us: my beautiful
    Austrian-born husband - Franz, myself
    and our small black cat called 'Mala'
    which means 'little one'.

    Together we've had many an
    adventure ... but the thing that we
    share in common  - is storytelling.
    The main differences between us are
    that while I tell stories everywhere,
    Franz tells his to me and to our friends
    while Mala sits and gazes at us both
    with a look of wonder in her eyes as
    she listens!

    Storytelling for me began a long time

    "Once a child ... I have never lost the
    joy of telling a good story ... while
    ever speaking the truth for all those
    'child' enough to listen."

    My background is in teaching and
    counselling but wherever I go -
    whether  playgroups, schools,
    libraries, nursing homes, hostels, adult
    day care, churches or camps - I use
    stories, storysharing and storytelling.

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