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       Tony & Connie Wilcox's Home Page
     Wilcox Crest
Picture taken at our Birthday Party November 2002
This web page was created for those of you who are having trouble finding your ancestor's.  I started working on my family history about 4 years ago with what little information that my mother and grandmother had, that goes for my wife Connie's family also.  Today thanks to many cousin's around the country our data base has grown to around 3200 people and 1000 family's.  I hope by creating this web page I will meet new cousin's and that those of you who are searching for your family will be able to break down a few of those brick walls that keep popping up when working in genealogy.
About us, my name is Arnold (Tony is a nickname), my wife's name is Helen and her nickname is Connie...I was born in Nebraska City as were my three brothers.  I have been married twice, but you can find that information in my gedcom.  Connie was born in Blair, Nebraska but we did not meet until many years later, she has been married twice also, and the information on her children is also in our gedcom. We have been married since 1965.
My grandfather was Roswell Wilcox & my grandmother was Nina Turner, I have almost no information on Nina, but I do have the names of Roswell's parents.  I do have a good family picture taken in 1900 that will be on the photo pages.  On my mothers side of the family the Baker's and Patterson's I have a great deal of information thanks to many cousins around the country, you will find pictures of both families on the photo pages. The Patterson family dates back to 1659 in Antrim Ireland, and of course you will find links to my gedcom and other sites on one of the pages of this family site.
Connie's grandfather was Ernest Heath & her grandmother was Mary Barbara Raver, we have traced the Heath family back to 1525 in England  and the Raver family back to 1780, but do not as yet know the Country of origin .  Her mothers side of the family has been more difficult, we know very little about her grandfather Swayne Bruce McFerrin amd almost nothing about her grandmother Estell Conver who left her husband and daughters when they were very young, we do have some good pictures of the Heaths and of Swayne McFerrin you will find a couple on the photo pages.
There are lots of graphics on pages 2, 3, 6 , 7, 8 & 9  of these web pages so they may take a minute or two to load depending on the speed of your modem.  page four and five of this site contains links to some of my cousins home pages, a few other genealogy sites, plus a few files that I have uploaded.  I have also listed the primary surnames but will be adding a surname page later on. This is my first try at creating web pages so they are fairly basic, so in the future I may build new pages that will have bells, whistles, music and video. If you have any comments you would like to make about these pages please sign the Guest Book and post your comments there. Thanks for stopping by.   Tony & Connie Wilcox 10/12/04
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