No Soul

No Soul

Demons dark, cold as steel
Invade my mind tonight.
Why is it that feelings pervade
Nothing ever done is right?

Spinning silently out of control
They’re here to dance on my grave.
For to fear has most proudly prevailed
When instead I should be brave.

To hell for sure my soul shall go,
Mocking, laughing, devil’s fun.
Picking my bones clean to the marrow,
To run and hide cannot be done.

Pain and suffering my friends shall be
The few days left of my life.
It is what is certainly deserved of me
For the hurt I cause, the strife.

Loving is never enough unless
you give your body, heart and soul.
Somewhere my soul has been lost
and I am no longer whole.

I close my eyes at night and dream
But demons in black are all I see.
They’ve taken my soul but it isn’t enough.
Now they want me.

© Kathee Tschudy, June 22, 1997.

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