My Guest Room....

My Guest Room..

Welcome to My Guest Room..!
I am blessed with some very good and dear Friends. On-line
as well as RT. This page is Dedicated to the those that have
Honored me With a Poem...
Also other work they have been kind enough to share with me
I hope you enjoy these Poems as Much as I do..!!!

What made us Friends
in the Long ago
When we first met?
Well I think I know.
The "best" in Me and the
"best" in You Hailed
Each Other because they
knew that Always and
Always since life began
Our being Friends
Was a part of God's Plan

Poems Written For Me...

Angel's Play
Angel's Wings
Touch Of an Angel..

The Dragons Cave
A new Section added to the Guest Room

Poems Submitted By Friends...

Voices in the Corners
"Cyber Reality"
Womanhood versus Childhood
Dark Knight
The Web
No Soul

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