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Welcome to The Daemon's Lair. This site serves as a sort of personal inventory of my hobbies and interests. The original version went online sometime in 2000 but was poorly updated, so I decided to completely overhaul the site and give it a whole new (and more uniform) look with updated content. So here it is, TDL v2.0.

The essentials: I'm a Computer Science student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Rochester is home away from my true home of Amherst, NH where I grew up. I play the piano. I drive a Hyundai Elantra, black. I'm told I'm tall (6'4"). I enjoy beer immensely. And I'm a cat person. Do yourself a favor and patch some holes in my sliver of an autobiography by taking a stroll around the rest of my site.



01.07.05 Cleaned up the sitemap and revised the Movies page. There's also some more BJJ news and I added a couple of new links to the Links page. More coming soon. Hopefully.

11.09.04 News on the BJJ front. Click here to check it out.

08.29.04 Posted a review of Alien Vs. Predator.

08.25.04 Posted a review of Collateral, polished the backgrounds layout a bit, and created a sitemap (located below). Any Q's or comments, rip me off an e-mail (also listed below).

08.15.04 Spent the past week racking my brain for new, quality content. I think at some point I started settling for just new content. After all was said and done, TDL v2.0 is now up and running.

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