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"Nature has made them unique. Society has made them outcasts, and youth has made them rebels. They are homo-sapiens superior - the next step in human evolution, born with fantastic powers and abilities. Banded together by the freedom fighter known as Cable, the impulsive mutants known as X-Force question everything - including the wisdom and ideals of those who have come before. Refusing to live by rules laid forth by a generation that can never understand them, X-Force fights for the very survival of their species in a world that despises and fears them!" - X-Force #79.

Yes, you've guessed it, this site is dedicated to X-Force - the greatest X-team to walk the earth since, well, ever. I've not been into the X-men for that long, but X-Force are definitely my favorite team, although I'd follow Sam just about anywhere...*drooling over pictures* This site is currently under construction but it's gradually getting there. So far you can find:
Biographies(in progress at 1 September 2001) for all past and present members of X-Force (up to #115 that is, I don't know who Marvel is trying to fool with the new look)
Fanfiction (coming soon)
Miscellaneous Features(last updated 6 September 2001)

Well that's all there is for now folks, hope you liked it and come back soon.


This page last updated 6 September 2001. All characters named on this site are property of Marvel and I am making no profit from this.


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