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Fireshadow - 12/10/00 06:48:30
My URL:http://www.cis.usouthal.edu/~mhinton
My Email:timberwolf_13@yahoo.com
How did you find this site?: dumpshock.com
Alareth, nice page. I didn't know that about the star business lawyers. BTW, the guestbook is quirky: when you click in the text field of Your Comments, it goes to a error page.

the astronomer - 10/31/00 10:59:16
How did you find this site?: the best on the net!
excellent job! still find your site to be the most informative and entertaining i've searched so for! keeps me thinking...!

Bob Dyer - 10/09/00 09:17:49
My Email:Bumperbob@aol.com
How did you find this site?: Wife e-mailed it to me.
For a green horn like me this is very helpfull. Thanks a lot and we will keep looking.

josh - 09/10/00 07:42:00
How did you find this site?: great
some pictures cannot be shown, otherwise the site is perfect!

JD Styles - 09/09/00 03:51:16
My Email:booley@hotmail.com
How did you find this site?: you told me about it at work
Ok, trying this again for the fifth time. Good page, but this guestbook needs work. And what are you going to do about the Ozone Layer? It's your responsibility to clean it up.

Dennis O'Neil - 09/03/00 21:08:52
My Email:dbolithc@AOL.com
How did you find this site?: Its a long story. I have just learned how to use a computer and have just been fooling around
on AOL(which I got for free in a magazine at just the time a friend was builing me a small, cheap computer) and ran across the Cosmologies List-the Theory of Everything. Since then, I have been attempting to figure out how to participate and what this si e is all about. The discription of the site was interesting. If you can answer any of my questions(I have a million of them at the moment) please email at your convenience. Thank you for helping and teaching.

- 08/31/00 14:45:54

Mark - 08/27/00 22:05:44
My URL:http://surf.to/stellar-visions
My Email:alareth@earthlink.net
How did you find this site?: I own it
On 08/27/00 I erased all entries in the guestbook and started it over from scratch.

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