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 20-Cm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope, The
Hardcover  Peter L. Manly

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 A Journey Through Time : Exploring the Universe With the Hubble Space Telescope
Hardcover  Jay Barbree, Martin Caidin, John Glenn

 A View of the Universe
Hardcover  David Malin

 Advanced Skywatching : The Backyard Astronomer's Guide to Starhopping and Exploring the Universe (Nature Company Guide)
Hardcover  Robert Burnham (Editor), Alan Dyer, Robert A. Garfinkle

 Adventure in Space : The Flight to Fix the Hubble
Hardcover  Reading Level: Ages 9-12 - Elaine Scott, Margaret Miller (Illustrator)

 Amateur Astronomer's Handbook
Paperback  John Benson Sidgwick

 An Introduction to Radio Astronomy
Paperback  Bernard F. Burke, Francis Graham-Smith

 Art and Science of CCD Astronomy, The (Practical Astronomy)
Paperback  D. Ratledge (Editor)

 Astronomy : A Self-Teaching Guide (Wiley Self-Teaching Guides)
Paperback  Dinah L. Moche

 Astronomy for Dummies
Paperback  Stephen P. Maran, Ph. D.

 Astrophotography for the Amateur
Paperback  Michael A. Covington

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 The Backyard Astronomer : A Guide to Stargazing
Paperback  Dennis L. Mammana

 The Big Dipper (A Let'S-Read-And-Find-Out Book)
Paperback  Reading Level: Ages 4-8 - Franklyn M. Branley, Molly Coxe

 The Big Golden Book of Space
Paperback  Reading Level: Ages 9-12 - David Clover

 The Binocular Stargazer : A Beginner's Guide to Exploring the Sky
Paperback  Leslie C. Peltier

 Black Holes and Time Warps : Einstein's Outrageous Legacy
Paperback  Reprint Edition - Kip S. Thorne, Stephen Hawking

 The Box of Stars : A Practical Guide to the Night Sky and to It's Myths and Legends/Book, Cards and Maps/Boxed Set
Paperback  Catherine Tennant

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 Cambridge Atlas of Astronomy, The
Hardcover  Jean Audouze, Guy Israel (Editor)

 Cambridge Guide to the Constellations, The
Paperback  Michael E. Bakich

 Cambridge Pocket Star Atlas
Paperback  2nd Edition - John Cox

 Cambridge Pocket Star Finder : A Month-By-Month Guide to the Night Sky

 Cambridge Star Atlas, The
Hardcover  2nd Edition - Wil Tirion

 Carl Sagan's Universe
Paperback  Yervant Terzian (Contributor), Elizabeth M. Bilson (Editor)

 Case for Mars : The Plan to Settle the Red Planet, The
Hardcover  Robert Zubrin, Richard Wagner

 Case for Mars : The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must, The
Paperback  Robert Zubrin, Richard Wagner

 Creator and the Cosmos : How the Greatest Scientific Discoveries of the Century Reveal God, The
Paperback  Hugh Ross, Ph. D.

Paperback  Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan

 Constellations of the Northern Sky (National Audubon Society Pocket Guides)
Paperback  Dr. Mark Chartrand, Wil Tirion, Dr. Gary Mechler

 Copernican Revolution, The
Hardcover  Thomas S. Kuhn

Paperback  Carl Sagan

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 The Earth in Space (Straightforward Science)
Paperback  Peter D. Riley

Hardcover  Lynn Reiser

Library Binding  Lynn Reiser

 Easy PC Astronomy
Paperback  Peter Duffett-Smith

 Eclipse! : The What, Where, When, Why, and How Guide to Watching Solar and Lunar Eclipses
Paperback  Philip S. Harrington

 Electronic Imaging in Astronomy : Detectors and Instrumentation (Wiley-Praxis Series in Astronomy and Astrophysics)
Paperback  Ian McLean

 The Ever-Changing Sky : A Guide to the Celestial Sphere
Hardcover  James B. Kaler

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 Faster : The Acceleration of Just About Everything
Hardcover  James Gleick

 Feynman's Lost Lecture : The Motion of Planets Around the Sun
Hardcover  David Goodstein, Judith Goodstein, Richard Feynman

 First Light : The Search for the Edge of the Universe
Hardcover  Richard Preston

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 Galileo Galilei : Inventor, Astonomer, and Genius (Giants of Science)
Library Binding  Reading level: Ages 9-12 - Michael White

 Galaxies and Other Deep-Sky Objects (National Audubon Society Pocket Guides)
Paperback  Dr. Gary Mechler

 Gems of Hubble
Paperback  Jacqueline Mitton, Stephen P. Maran

 God Particle : If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?, The
Paperback  Leon Lederman, Dick Teresi

 Guide to Amateur Astronomy, The
Hardcover  2nd Edition - Jack Newton, Philip Teece, Helen Sawyer Hogg

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 High Resolution Astrophotography (Practical Astronomy Handbook, 7)
Hardcover  Jean Dragesco

 How to Use an Astronomical Telescope
Paperback  Reprint Edition - James Muirden

 Hubble Vision : Astronomy With the Hubble Space Telescope
Hardcover  Carolyn Collins Petersen, John C. Brandt

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 Incredible Journey to the Planets (Incredible Journeys, 2)
Hardcover  Reading Level: Ages 9-12 - Nicholas Harris, Andrea Ricciardi di Gaudesi, Alessandro Rabatti

 Innovations in Astronomy (Innovations in Science Series)
Hardcover  A. W. Jones

 Introduction to Astronomy
Hardcover  Rick "Your Guide to the Skies" Shaffer

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 Janice Vancleave's Constellations for Every Kid : Easy Activities That Make Learning Science Fun (Science for Every Kid Series)
Paperback  Reading Level: Ages 9-12 - Janice Pratt Vancleave

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 Lawnchair Astronomer, The / Book and Chart
Paperback  Gerry Descoteaux

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 Making & Enjoying Telescopes : 6 Complete Projects & A Stargazer's Guide
Hardcover  Robert Miller, Kenneth Wilson

 Mars (Space Science Series)
Hardcover  Hugh H. Kieffer, Bruce M. Jakowsky, Conway Snyder, Mildred Matthews

 Martian Enigmas : A Closer Look, The
Paperback  Mark J. Carlotto

 Monthly Sky Guide, he
Paperback  4th Edition - Ian Ridpath, Wil Tirion

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 NASA Atlas of the Solar System, The
Hardcover  Ronald Greeley, Raymond Batson, Geological Survey

Paperback  Reading Level: Ages 4-8 - Terence Dickinson

 Nightwatch : An Equinox Guide to Viewing the Universe
Paperback  Terrence Dickinson

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 Observational Astronomy for Amatuers
Paperback  3rd Edition - John Benson Sidgwick

 Orbit: Nasa Astronauts Photograph the Earth
Hardcover  Jay Apt, Michael Helfert, Justin Wilkinson, Roger Ressmeyer (Contributor), Roger Russmeyer

 Other Worlds : The Solar System and Beyond
Paperback  James S. Trefil

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 Planet Quest : The Epic Discovery of Alien Solar Systems
Hardcover  Ken Croswell

 The Planets
Hardcover  David McNab, James Younger

 Practical Astronomy With Your Calculator
Paperback  Peter J. Duffett-Smith

 Prehistoric Astronomy in the Southwest
Paperback  Rev Edition - J. McKim Malville, Claudia Putnam

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 Secrets of the Night Sky : The Most Amazing Things in the Universe You Can See With the Naked Eye
Paperback  Bob Berman

 The Sky Observer's Guide : A Handbook for Amateur Astronomers
Paperback  Robert Newton Mayall, Jerome Wyckoff

 Skywatching (Nature Company Guide)
Hardcover  David H. Levy, John O'Byrne

 Small Astronomical Observatories : Amateur and Professional Designs and Constructions (Practical Astronomy)
Paperback  Patrick Moore (Editor)

 Soul of the Night : An Astronomical Pilgrimage
Paperback  Chet Raymo, Michael McCurdy

 Splendors of the Universe : A Practical Guide to Photographing the Night Sky
Hardcover  Terrence Dickinson, Jack Newton

 Stairways to the Stars : Skywatching in Three Great Ancient Cultures
Hardcover  Anthony Aveni

 The Star Guide : Learn How to Read the Night Sky Star by Star: Includes a Planisphere
Hardcover  Robin Kerrod

 Star-Hopping : Your Visa to Viewing the Universe
Paperback  Reprint Edition - Robert A. Garfinkle

 Star Ware : The Amateur Astronomer's Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Buying, and Using Telescopes and Accessories
Paperback  Philip S. Harrington

 Stars : 60 Photos, Maps, Charts, and Drawings : Star Charts for Each Month of the Year, Updated to 1999, Diagrams of Major Constellations, Plus Facts)
Paperback  2nd Edition - Joachim Ekrutt

 Stars : A Guide to the Constellations, Sun, Moon, Planets and Other Features of the Heavens
Paperback  Herbert Spencer Zim, James Gordon Irving, Robert H. Baker

 Stars, Clusters, and Galaxies (The Young Stargazer's Guide to the Galaxy)
Paperback  Reading Level: Ages 9-12 - John R. Gustafson

 Summer Stargazing : A Practical Guide for Recreational Astronomers
Hardcover  Terrence Dickinson

 Surfing Through Hyperspace : Understanding Higher Universes in Six Easy Lessons
Hardcover  Clifford A. Pickover

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 Telescope Power : Fantastic Activities & Easy Projects for Young Astronomers
Paperback  Reading Level: Ages 9-12 - Gregory L. Matloff

 Through the Eyes of Hubble : The Birth, Life, and Violent Death of Stars
Hardcover  Robert Naeye

 Touring the Universe Through Binoculars : A Complete Astronomer's Guidebook
Paperback  Philip S. Harrington

 Turn Left at Orion : A Hundred Night Sky Objects to See in a Small Telescope-And How to Find Them
Hardcover  2nd/Rev Edition - Dan M. Davis, Guy J. Consolmagno

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 The Ultimate Guide to the Sky : How to Find Constellations and Read the Night Sky Like a Pro
Paperback  Reading Level: Ages 9-12 - John Mosley, Carol Lyon (Illustrator)

 The Universe...and Beyond
Paperback  Terrence Dickinson

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 Why Aren't Black Holes Black? : The Unanswered Questions at the Frontiers of Science
Paperback  Robert M. Hazen, Maxine Singer, Stephen Jay Gould

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