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Welcome to my homepage!

There are loads of different things on this site, though whether anybody will actually ever read them, I don't know. But I do hope that if you find this site, that you find something interesting on it, something that will brighten up your internet experience.

In this world of corporate websites, more and more I have been finding that it is personal sites which really give the web its character - gentle sites which aren't geared to one aim or end, which don't try to make you buy things, which can give you a glimpse into another person's life. We can visit thousands of different countries now on the web, we can meet with and get to know people from China to America, all without ever leaving our own homes. What a wonderful opportunity the web is to increase our knowledge of different cultures and peoples!

So I hope you will find something you like, and that this site can be a little home on the web from me. If you have a website and, like me, are searching for a spiritual meaning to your life, then consider joining my webring, the Spiritual Searcher Webring, based on this site!

First off, you might want to know something about me, I suppose!

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