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Moving through unknown places, the twisted faces seem to stare....beyond the dreaming I shred the seaming that holds my being in place....a haunting laughter, a chilling scream awakens me from a deeper dream....blackness stretches vast and wide, and from the anguish I cannot hide....a hatred so deep, so full and so true that cannot come to admire you....and what is the force that drives me to dream....the creature of darkness....the shadow being....

Kitty Schafer~
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After a long absence we have returned. Devon and I wish to extend our most sincere apologies to those of which who considered themselves regulars of our establishment. Life had caught up with the both of us and we were unable to maintain our responsibilities of running Bleeding Rose. Only recently did we gain enough time to once more open the place for business.. Devon and I hope that once again the tavern will prosper as it had once before, bringing us to the top.

Just recently something has caught my attention. Another individual, one who's name I did not catch, has started to open this place as their own. Quite good-naturedly I spoke to the person, telling them of BR and how it was opened several years back by my brother, Devon, and myself. Since then I have seen the tavern stay open and finally close, but I do not know if the person is going to reopen the place or not. It does not sit well with either Devon nor I that someone would once more try to take the name of the place we have established in Ayenee.

Adene & Devon le Werre
~October 26 2003~
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