The Newsie's Alley
Me Page is still under da works!  So bear wid me!!
Newbie Newsies
Dis page is fer all a ya who are jus' realizin how awesome Newsies is!!  If ya ain't never seen Newsies or have jus' recently come 'cross it, ya'll wanna see dis!
The Story
Need I really 'splain dis un?? 
The Cast
Hope dis helps ta cleah the confusion 'a who who!
Newsie Bloopers
Did ya know deah alot a bloopers?!?! 
Pictures a me pals Cowboy, Davey, Mush, Race, Kid, Spot and uddah Newsies.
About Me
Every 'un has a story 'bout how dey b'came a Newsie.  Dis is mine!
Me Thoughts
Me thoughts on Newsies, life and uddah stuff.
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The Manhattan Lodging House
Join Our Lodgin' House!   We have plenty of open Bunks fer Boys and Goils! 
We are part of the
Newsies Union.
Fan Fiction
I'se don' got no stories yet, but deah' a'comin'.  If you'se got some stories ya'd like posted email dem ta me and I will put dem on fer ya with you name and enythin' else ya want wid it.  Ya'll get full credit fer it!
The Union
Dis is da Union dat me an' Firefly made cause the uddah's were all full and all.  It will be heah' soon and we are alway looking fer more houses ta join it.  But dere are some rules so check the link ta see if we's got dem posted.
Heah' are some a da best quotes a da movie and a oddah' stuff. 
Heya!  I'se like ya ta meet me friends Red and his pup Molly.  Dey needed a place ta stay so dey came ta stay wid me! 
Heya Kids!  Leave me a message on da board heah.  
Links and Webrings
Heah' are some links to other great sites and the webrings I belong to!
I found the Pictures and info. on the internet.  If there is something that I put on here that I shouldn't have, Please email me and I will take it off or give you credit.   Newsies does not belong to me in any way.   It belongs to Disney.  This site is merely for my lack of a life and love of a wonderful movie.  Please don't sue for being an obsessed fan of a terrific Movie.
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