John Magsila
I'm a great drummer, very handsome, almost perfect, & VERY HUMBLE!!!  Just look at my
picture and you'll agree : - )
Green Day Web Page
Down Under
Mark D' POGI
I have my own band..."Acid Drop" Our favorite rockbands' are: the offspring, green day, foo fighters, & silverchair. I'm Tre Cool's CLONE(just kidding)... I'm the drummer.
Just wanna say hi to my cousin Mark, he's a good Guitar player! :-) I hope to visit you someday there at Austin, I mean BOSTON..hehe)
Mark Allan K. Sabillo- a web page designer without his own webpage! Mr. Grant Hill
Agripino- he's a great farmer(very talented)
Yapes-(d bassplayer) Mr. Lover Boy... Karen
Allen- BULOY!( our great lead guitarist)
Joebert-ARIEL(LAUNDRY SOAP) look alike! KILABOT...
Clarky-MR. Progammer!(daw?)
"Hi, this is Agripino. Nababaliw na ko!"  HELP!!!!
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