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Square Dance Club Inc.
Caller - Don Gauci
Please contact:
Club President: Julie Longwood.  
Club Caller: Don Gauci                e-mail
Coming events for 2009-10
January:  2009
Augusta/Margaret River Anniversary Dance. Bus from Hamersley-Fri  Ret Sun 
Please book your accommodation early.  Brendan Jordan & Don Gauci Calling.

Start of dancing for GREENFINCHES 2009.  Welcome back to all members.
                    Please note that visitors are always welcome at Greenfinches..

Febuary: 2009
Members FREE BBQ Steve & Julies Home.
March: 2009

April: 2009
29th Greenfinches AGM Meeting (during tea break).
26th - York 30th Birthday Dance.

May: 2009
June: 2009
4-8th  50TH ANSDC Perth
28th- Dianella Rangers Amateur Callers Dance.

July: 2009

WGV Don Shadforth Dance
. (Don & Jim Calling)
August: 2009
9th - Callers' Ball.
September: 2009

Tuesday 1st    Greenfinches 24th birthday party

October: 2009


November: 2009

Tuesday 3rd - Greenfinches Melbourne Cup Night.

December: 2009

Tuesday 1st - Greenfinches Christmas
Tuesday 8th - Greenfinches Christmas Dinner
Members only
January 2010

Club visit to Margaret River/Augusta Weekend Dance.
Brendan Jordan & Don Gauci calling.
8-11Jan2010 similar format to 2009.

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