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    McCrae Lake is in a conservation reserve adjacent to Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada where people go canoeing, kayaking, and camping. The McDonald River starts at the dam at Crooked Bay and flows into McDonald Lake, down a rapids, and into McCrae Lake. Together they form a beautiful, scenic canoe route. Every three months, this web site will feature a new calendar showcasing scenes from the McDonald River or McCrae Lake.

    Check back once in awhile to see the latest calendar, or watch one of the movies (Updated for Flash Video). View the pictures in the photo album to see some of the larger images of the lake or download a wallpaper for your computer. Please keep the campsites clean, respect the trees and wildlife, and keep motorized vehicles of all types out of the area. NEW! McCrae Lake Wildlife Photo Album

    Please read about the bridge over the rapids and about how snowmobiles are ruining Ontario . Our nicest wilderness places are being ruined by the callous policies of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. The creeps actually gave your tax dollars away to a snowmobile club to help finance wrecking this place. The MNR avoided informing any parties interested in preserving this area about the snowmobile trail. Never did they post a sign stating that an application had been made for a permit to build a road and bridge in the area. Yet the MNR maintained three signs during that time at the parking lot with other information regarding the canoe route because that is the only way they can inform the public which camps there.

    When it did become known, they allowed the construction to proceed despite overwhelming public objection. Next, the snowmobile club dynamited the waterfall without a permit doing irreparable damage. Here are some faqs about what happened.


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