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The Silvaroli Salvarola Name

SALVAROLA (surname): The Salvarola surname can be found in the United States of America beginning with Angelo*, the son of Italian immigrants Michele and "Teresa" Silvaroli in New York City, at the turn-of-the-20th century. At a very young age Angelo altered his Silvaroli surname to Salvarola. A "new" form of the surname for a new beginning in a young country. Yet, is it really a new form of the surname?**

I have researched my Salvarola/Silvaroli genealogy back to the town of
Larino (early 1800's-late 1800's) and then further back to Oratino (mid 1700's-early 1800's), Campobasso, Abruzzo e Molise where they were a part of the large Silvaroli (o) family group that lived there. My search for descendants and for background information on the Salvarola, Silvaroli names continues. I would welcome correspondence with any Silvaroli descendants from around the world.

SILVAROLI (surname): The Silvaroli surname of Italy, is found in Oratino, Larino and in S. Stefano of Campobasso province, Molise region, Italy (known as Abruzzo e Molise before 1963). I've found several spelling variations of the Silvaroli surname while researching the civil records of decades past. By far the most consistant spelling is that of SILVAROLI.
**Other variations are; Silvarola, Silvarolo, Salvaroli/Salvarola, Selvaroli/Selvarola, Selvarella and Silvarole.

SILVAROLI(descendants): In my research I have found that descendants of the Silvaroli surname have migrated all around the world. Table.01

SALVAROLA (surname): In Italy, the Salvarola surname can also be found beginning in the eastern Campania region, spreading east to Puglia/Apulia and northward to the Tuscany and Piedmont regions. Salvarolo in Piedmont, in Lazio/Latium and in Liguria; Salvaroli in Sicily... once again the surname variations appear with spelling changes similar to Silvaroli and Silvarolo. It may be due to the influence of the language dialects of the regions.

SALVAROLA (place name): I have found one more reference to the Salvarola name on the internet. There is a Salvarola Spa with it's Salvarola Hotel and a four star restaurant located on Salvarola street in Sassuolo, in the province of Modena, in the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy. They are NOT related to my Salvarola family and it is my understanding that they are not of the Salvarola family surname. The health Spa owners are using the Salvarola place name (not surname) taken from a nearby frazione (hamlet) of Salvarola. This tiny place called Salvarola was named by the Romans for the hot mud springs found there. This information comes from the background history on their Salvarola Spa web page. From this background history of the Salvarola place name, we can be certain that the Salvarola name (if not the surname) is ancient and it's origins are at least from the time of the Romans.

SELVARELLAo/i (surname): It is a distinct possibility that Selvarella(o/i) may be the Spanish form of the Silvaroli/Salvarola name.

* Angelo had a sister named Lucia (Lucy) with whom the rest of the family lost contact after she married Samuel Christopher of Chicago, Illinois. It would be nice to find their descendants.

** [There was no formal, written Italian language until after 1870. In the Italian peninsula, births, deaths and marriages were recorded primarily by religious scribes until Napoleon decreed the institution of civil records in 1809. When civil records were instituted, the clerks wrote in the language of their community (local dialects). Those clerks were not necessarily well educated but were probably the most educated fellows in their town. The people of the Italian peninsula were influenced by and adopted words from many languges; Etruscan, Roman, Greek, Arabic, Albanian, Persian, Turkish, Spanish, French German and more. All of the reasons mentioned above, contributed to variations in surname spellings.]

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