About Me

Welcome to this website. I am extremely thankful to you for visiting the site. To introduce myself, first I would say that I am grateful to my guru's (Dr.B.V.Raman, Mr. A.B.Shukla and other faculty members of Indian Council Of Astrological Science) who had inspired me and due to whom I am at such a place.
People call me Deepak. And I think u can also call me Deepak. Let me now introduce myself .I did my Jyotisha Praveena (Diploma in Hindu Astrology) and Jyotisha Visharada (Advanced Diploma in Hindu Astrology) from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (Delhi Chapter-1) and got the Gold medal from them.
Besides all these I am a Software Engineering and I did my B.E. {Production and Industrial Engineering} from Delhi College Of Engineering. And I also am conversant with Tarot, Palmistry and Numerology, which I had learned from various scholars while doing the Jyotisha Praveena and Jyotisha Visharada.


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