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Owing to the fact that I now have a new Xena site to tend to besides this one, and In that links page there I have lots of links that are not just Xena things, I thought it pointless to maintain BOTH links pages. I will still have the banner page available here(I LOVE banners!), but I am just going to put a link right here to the other sites link page. Feel free to check out my Xena site while
your at it, but it is still under construction.
Links Page One      Links Page Two

          LINKS ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!                                  
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Save Young Hercules Petition
The petition above is NOT ours.However the advirtisment banner for it was made
by Yisgirl.The pic.s are from
many YH sites.
Well Great news! YH Will be shown on WAM beginning in march of 03! mondays at 3pm & 8pm and I think, saturdays @ 3pm. It is August of 2005 now, and I caught an episode of YH on WAM just a few months ago so they are still showing it. :)
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