I finally moved the awards to their own page :-)

I want to thank Donna, our fearless leader of FlyByNightGraphics!
I have learned so many new tricks from this wonderful group. These
tutorials wouldn't be here at all if it hadn't been for this group accepting
me as a member. Donna set a challenge for us to write a tutorial, I tried
it and love it, and hooked on creating more and more of them.

The following are for tutorials written :-) Thank you so much Donna!

The January challenge is what started this website full of tutorials :-)

FlyByNightGraphics would like to thank you for providing such wonderful
tutorials for our use. We are enclosing this "Award" as a small thank you
for all you do.

Sincerely yours, FlyByNight

This was a surprise and an honor to receive this beautiful award!
Thank you FlyByNighters! All of you are the best! It's an honor
to be a part of this wonderful group of artists :-)

I want to thank all the following members for these wonderful awards!

Thank you so much for this wonderful award Angie!

Thank you so much for this beautiful award Renee :-)

Thank you so much for this wonderful award Kate!

Thank you so much for this gift Lady Chado
Knowing you made this in KPT honors me :-)

Fluttrby Thank you so much for this beautiful award!

This morning I found this wonderful Thank You in my email!
Thank you 20 for PSP! It's beautiful!

In light of the recent boycottby creators of wonderful tutorials that our group uses to learn PSP, please accept this "Thank You" from our group to you. Without tutorial sites and their talented creators, our group would not be possible. We extend our gratitude for keeping your tutorial site up and running.

20forPSP supports all creator's of these teaching sites and always shows
acknowledgement and gratitude to the creators of these sites.

We never makes any claims to the tutorials.

All Graphics and Tutorials Copyright Suzanna 2000-2001
Do not link to or place on your website and claim as your own.
These are not to be used on any CD or in a book for sale either.
All my works are either from tutorials I have done or my own creation.
If there is something here you like, ask and maybe I will give you
written permission to use it. I'm not difficult to get along with.
Thank You

This page was created April 2nd, 2001

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