Who Self-Injures?
It is estimated that one percent of Americans have self-injured in the past or currently  self-injure.Self-injurers come any every age,gender and color.A survey done shows that ninty seven percent are female and because of the survey they comiled a "potrait" of the typical self-injurer.She is a female in her 20s and she has been hurting herself since she was a teenager.She is from a background of sexual or physical abuse and/or from a home with atleast one alcoholic parent.There is a theory that more women self-injure than men because women are socialized to internalize emotions and men are to externalize them.But weather they are male or female most self-injurers share common characteristics such as:

*Strong dislike of themself
*Tend to supress anger
*Suffer from chronic anxiety
*Tend not to plan the future
*From a background of sexual or physical abuse
*Suffer from a mental disease like depression
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