Self Injury Quotes 2
*Such beautiful dignity is self abuse*

*It wasn't a suicide attempt,it was an escape from everything awful.When we cut,we're in control.We make our pain, and we can stop it whenever we want.Physical pain relieves mental anguish.For a brief moment,the pain of cutting is the only thing in the cutter's mind,and when that stops and the other pain comes back, its weaker.Drugs do that too,and sex,But not like cutting.Nothing is like cutting*

*Pink ribbon scars that never forget.I tried so hard to cleanse these regrets.*

*I eat and dress and I wash and I still say thank you.Puking,shaking,sinking I still stand for litttle old ladies.I can't shout,can't screamI hurt myself to get the pain out*

*I was trying to cut myself.I wanted to cut for the cut itself,for the delicate servering of capillaries, the transgression of veins.I needed to cut like the way your lungs scream for air when you swim the entire length of the pool underwater in one breath.It was a craving so organic it seemed to have arisen from the skin itself.Imagining the sticky-slick scarlet trails of my own blood soothed me.*

*When I stopped cutting it was only because I could afford to,because the need for it had apparently run its natural course,like the fever the body mounts to fight off infection,that subsides when the danger is past*

*Self injury very much affects the way I view myself.I think its a very poor reflection of my charcter because its kinda bizarre,whacked out thing to do.And if I was normal and sane and wasn't such a freak,I wouldn't do it.It makes me feel very biazzare,very much seperate from other people.And I don't wanna create the illiuson that I want to be normal because normal sounds boring to me.But,I would like to be a little less abnormal.Less abnormal would mean I would spend my time and energy and efforts worring about normal things like a job offer,job interviews,and buying a new couch,you know,quote-unquote normal worries,rather than I can't do the dishes because I can't pick up the glass, because if I do I will cut myself.That just seems a little extreme.*

*I am a little bit of lonliness a little bit of disreguard.Hand full of complaints but I can't help the fact everyone can see these scars*

*These cuts run deep,these scars are permanent and always on display this makes things difficult for me*

*We have all made attempts to take our lives,or to tell without words,some with a knife or razor dividing the flesh,making the invisble somehow visible...making themselves and everything they've been through disappear*

*We couldn't imagine the emptiness of a creature who put a razor to her wrists and opened her veins.The emptiness and the calm*

*Mutilation is the badge that can never be taken off, and sets us apart from all others.Pain is important to the bonding,a physical horror that bonds us ever tighter to those who have partaken.The intensity of the experince helps to widen the gulf between us and those who have not shared*

*Self-injury is a sign of distress not madness we should be congraulated on having found a way of surviving*

*I cut myself today,its all for you,how do you like what i'm becoming*

*I fix my my problems with the blade,as my eyes turn from blue to grey,and the worst thing happened to me today*
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