The Mask
There is a girl in my mirror crying.
No one really knows her or knows she dying.
Have you ever seen this girl that hides herself behind a mask?
Have you ever wondered or cared to ask?
Shes always hidding her face.
Keeping her real feelings in a distant place.
No one knows her fears.
No one sees all her tears.
I see this girl everyday but I don't know how to heal her pain.
Shes always being held down by chains.
Everyone says shes so blessed.
But no one knows her true unhappiness.
But there will be a day when her mask isn't enough
Trying will become too tough
She wont be able to deal with the pain
She will take a knife and slice deep into her vein
The world will wonder why
Never knowing she was living a lie
And theres nothing I can do to help her out of this hole
Because she is lost forever deep inside her soul
My Best Friend
I have a bestfriend that no one knows about
Its always there to wash away my fear and doubt
My bestfrend helps me with this constant sorrow
And helps me to see tomorrow
Just when I feel like my life has to end
All I have to do is turn to my bestfriend
But I have to keep our relationship concealed
Hidden from the world never to be revealed
Because there is a twist
You can see it if you look at my wrist
My bestfriend isn't jsut my aid
My bestfriend is my razor blade
You only see the wounds i've made
The wounds ont he surface I make with my razor blade
What you don't see is these wounds heal the wounds inside
The wounds that can't be seen by the naked eye
The wounds that torture my soul
My razor blade is only way I feel in control
Don't be worried about the wounds on my arm
Its the the wounds inside that bring me real harm
They are the ones I cannot bare
They are why I have so much despair
So why would you want to take my last resort
Just leave me alone let me be
There is no hope for me
You cannot fix what you cannot see
So just leave turn your back like you always do
You say you know what i'm going through
But you don't know you don't have a clue
I'm trying to pretend i'm not who I am anymore
Trying to forget the person I was before
I stand staring trying to figure out who i've become
But all I can see is the person I run from
She is the one hidding under my skin
With her heart of stone and her evil grin
I try to cut her free
But shes become a part of me
I can't face her you see
Because i'm too weak to face me
When you look at me what do you see
Because I am no what I am appear to be
Look past my smile and you'll see its not real
You see the pain has made me so numb I no longer feel
I walk around pretending i'm alright
Until i'm alone at night
Where I wish I had the guts
To make deeper cuts
But I don't so I will suffer alone in my mind
True happiness is something I will never find
Everytime I look around I see the way things should be
And it just goes to show there is something wrong with me
So tell me what would you do?
How would you handle it if it were you?
If you hated yourself would you cut yourself too?
Or live a lie pretending its just perfect being you?
Where would you run,where would you hide?
How do you escape whats inside?
You sit there and say what I do is so wrong
But you don't know what its like to live in a world you don't belong
So don't judge me by what you see
You have no idea what its like being me
Bleeding For You
I don't want you to feel sorry for me
Your the one who did this don't you see
You rip me apart with the brutal things you say
Everything you've ever told me i've bled away
All the promises you made,you made in vein
You should of just promised me pain
I lost myself in your charm
So now I will show you my anger and pain carved in my arm
I will bleed myself dry for you
For everything you say and do
My scars are like a story of what you did to me
I wrote it there just for you to see
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