First Aid
Immediate Treatment for Burns
Run cold water on burn for 15 minutes
*Don't put any greases or creams on burn
*Cover the burn with a gauze dressing
First-degree burns usually only redden the skin and can be safely treated at home.

Second-degree burns redden the skin and cause blistering.They also can be treated at home unless they are large and then you should seek medical attention.

Thrid-degree burns cause charring and whitening on the skin.Theses burns should be treated profesionally.
Cuts and Lacerations
For more shallow cuts after they have stopped bleeing  you should wash the cut with Betadine and then apply an antbioptic ointment or spray.Then you should bandage it,change the bandage atleast twice a day.
If you can't stop the bleeding first try covering the wound with a towel or cloth pushing firmly.Then wrap an ace bandage tightly around the cloth.Keep the wound above your heart for ten minutes.Unwrap it and if its still bleeding go to the emergancy room.
Symtoms of Shock
*feeling faint
*pale,clammy,moist skin
*rapid breathing
*rapid pulse
Call 911 immediatly.Lay the victim down and if they are bleeding control the bleeding.Make sure the victim is comfortable and their temparture is normal.Elevate the victims legs about a foot.
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