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Captain Ernie's Showboat WOC TV 6

Davenport, Iowa

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Anyone who watched Captain Ernie's Showboat can remember a multitude of cartoons if reminded of them.

Here is a link to one of Captain Ernie's favorites which he mentioned earlier! It is a Merry Melodies Cartoon called "I like to Sing!" click on Owl Jolson and if you have Real Player downloaded on your computer, you will be singing along with Owl and Ernie in no time!

Here are some of the cartoons which one might think that they would never see again. Clicking on the links will remove you from this site so when done viewing, please click your back button to return to this site. You will most likely need real player to play these cartoons and it is worth your time to download it if you do not already have it on your computer. If any of these links do not work, please email me so the link can be removed.

A Day at the Zoo

Falling Hare

Captain Ernie was greatly in demand and made the most of every opportunity to see his young fans. In July of 1965 he made a series of appearances at the historic Fort Theater (now Circa 21 in downtown Rock Island, Illinois). One of the advertisements made the call - "LETS GO KIDS!" The announcement was unnecessary, however, since Ernie had already sent shockwaves through his army of viewers by announcing it on his show! Fun for all was to be had as Ernie worked his talents along with wonderful prizes, cartoons and a Jerry Lewis movie. Also on hand were different characters appearing with Captain Ernie. On Wednesday July 21st, Yogi Bear appeared with Ernie. On July 28th it was Bullwinkle. All of this occurred during summer vacation at 9:30 on a Wednesday morning for the incredible price of 35! Here is a copy of one of the advertisements which were run by the Fort Theater.

Click here to see the introduction to Wally Gator which was played daily on Captain Ernie's Showboat! Please email me if this link fails. You can find this link at as long as it is active!

If you have any memorabilia, pictures, stories or great memories of Captain Ernie and The Showboat, please email me!

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