Constitution for the Way Retro League
    The Way Retro League, herein referred to as the WRL, is a play by CM via Email  or Net Play league using the most current Strat-o-matic game version available.  We will use the Super Advanced version with some modifications explained in the body of this constitution.  The purpose of this league is recreational enjoyment.  It is also a great way to get to know the players of the past.  This league is not an exact replica of history.  It is meant to provide friendly and HONEST competition among men and women who enjoy baseball and tabletop sports.  Electronic communication via the web and email is required. 
Results of games are to be emailed to the web site associated with the league.  Members are expected to have played all games they are responsible for and have emailed the results to the web site address as well as the Commissioner by 7pm on Sundays in the 1900's league and Mondays in the 1950's league. It is also required that members submit computer managers with pitching rotations for the entire season before the season begins.  Any managers who do not comply with these requirements may have their games autoplayed or their computer manager created by HAL.  Owners who are continually troublesome in the CM department may be subject to dismissal.  All Computer Managers are required to be unlocked or the Commissioner must have the key to the Computer Manager.  CMs are due each week before 7pm (on game submission date for that league, see above) to be active for the week.  
1.  Teams will choose one of the franchises that existed in the season that is being played.  That team's ballpark will be used for the season.  Teams may later change their names with the approval of the commissioner. 
2.  Two weeks before the the end of each season, teams will submit a list of 15 players that they will cut down to at the end of the season.  If 15 players do not qualify then the team will receive additional picks at the end of the upcoming draft in the order that they finished the season.
3  Teams will be play the schedule in the following increments.  Weeks end on the following days.  Week 1=15 days, 2=30, 3=45, 4=60, 5=75, 6=90, 7=105, 8=120 (Trade Deadline), 9=135 (15 man rosters due) 10=150, 11= end of season.      
2.   DRAFT
1.  Each team will draft from a free agent pool of players each season to increase their rosters to 25 or this level may be adjusted during the draft if not enough players are available.  The roster size will always be 25 at the end of the draft.   
2  The draft will be conducted via email and all picks will be submitted to the group web site. 
3.  The Commissioner may make one or more draft selections for any manager who is not available during the specified draft period or who does not make their pick in a timely manner.  Draft selection time limits will be posted at the time of the draft on the group web site.  If you will not be available, MAKE A LIST. 
4.  Eligibility is as follows.  PITCHERS:  Starters 125 IP.  Relief 35 IP with a relief rating.  Prior to 1913 and 1963, any pitcher that had pitched in a relief role for at least 1 game was allowed to be reserved.  Any pitcher already in the league as of the 1912 and 1962 seasons will be grandfathered.  All players selected after those seasons will be required to have a relief rating.  PLAYERS:  225 AB's.  Catchers are eligible if they have 150 AB's.  They will only be allowed to play catcher if between 150-225 ABs.. 
For the 1981 season, the following ABs and IPs will be used.  PITCHERS: Starters 85 IPs, Relievers 25 IPs.  PLAYERS: 150 ABs, Catchers 100 ABs.
5.  At the end of the season, players who do not match the above criteria will need to be released.  You do not have the right to a player who does not qualify for a particular season.  He must become a free agent to be drafted again the season is he eligible.  The exception to this is seen in the section on page three called Supplemental Rulings.

6.  Teams must keep all players who qualify unless that number is over 15.  Then an owner may choose which players to release to get down to the 15 players. 
7.  The draft order will be decided by opposite order of percentage of games won during the regular season.  If there is a tie, head to head record will be used to decide draft order.  The best head to head record will get the better draft pick of the tied teams.  If the head to head does not resolve the tie then the best RS-RA figure will be used.  If those are identical, then a coin toss by the Commissioner will be used.  In the case where there is a multiple way tie, the team's cumulative records against the other tied teams will be used.  Second tiebreaker here is Runs Scored- Runs Allowed of the three or more teams.  If any two or more teams are identical for the win here, then the Commissioner will use dice to decide.  If the Commissioner is one of the tied parties, a net play game will be set up and dice used to determine the order. 
8.  No team is allowed more than two 1st round picks in any season.
4.   STATS
1.   Home managers are responsible for giving all of the game results files and box scores to the Commissioner in the correct method by the appropriate deadline as put forth in the "EXPECTATIONS" section of this constitution.  Any games not reported by this time or reported incorrectly will be autoplayed. 
2.   Please keep all files sent to the commissioner until the season is over and all stats are reported.  This will prevent any permanently lost files.  Please check with the commissioner before deleting any game results files. 
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