Famous Ryan words of wisdom.............
"When it comes to making love, I may not be the best, but I'm damn
gouda."-Ryan Stiles
"If I were a man with gills, I would be a fish!"-Ryan Stiles
"If I were but a man who would be tall, I would be me."-Ryan Stiles
"We're expecting a lot of rain in the state of Oregon, so let's just get rid of Oregon."-Ryan Stiles
"I put it on my head like so, and I look like Jiffy Pop. That's why I say, Jiffy Pop."-Ryan Stiles
"I can't sprinkle sprinkles on. I lose control when I have sprinkles. I'm shaky. I still remember the
great sprinkle accident of 1982."-Ryan Stiles
"Never trust sheep"-Ryan Stiles
"We're evil Smurfs, we're evil Smurfs, we're evil, evil evil Smurfs!"-Ryan Stiles
"If I could rap, that would be a sensation, but I can't, you see, I'm just a Caucasian"-Ryan Stiles
"Care to be touched by an angel?"-Ryan Stiles
"You made me giggle."-Ryan Stiles
"I look like Walt Disney just threw up."-Ryan Stiles
"You know, I've got a confession to make myself. I'm not really a priest, I've just got my shirt on
backwards."-Ryan Stiles
"It's the mummy from Canada."-Ryan Stiles
"Well, I'd like to thank everyone who made this...what? Satan is my master?"-Ryan Stiles
"I'm Jim Phillips, I have multiple personalities. I'm also a skindiver, a puppeteer, and I was the tenth
president of the United States."-Ryan Stiles
"Ladies and gentlemen you'll hear a lot of rumors about stars, how much they make...Drew Carey for
instance a lot of people say he made forty-five million dollars last year. After he pays taxes he's lucky
if he clears thirty million ladies and gentlemen. A man has to eat! Please, Gary Coleman is a security
guard! Send your money now!"-Ryan Stiles
"The sky, the sky beyond the door is blue."-Ryan Stiles
"Back off or the lizard gets it!"-Ryan Stiles
"Songs of the beekeeper, a very lonely profession. That's why we have four thousand songs... on four
thousand CD's."-Ryan Stiles
"I hope they aren't mating."-Ryan Stiles
"The cat! Stop it with the cat!"-Ryan Stiles
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Thank to Donna From The House of Proops for these
Would it be okay if I took a bath with your toaster? (party quirks)
Can I get a price check on the stud in isle four? (hats: video dating service)
You may now frisk the bride. (movie styles)
If I could rap I would be a sensation, but I can't because I'm just a caucasian. (Scene to rap)
Yes, I will see her and I hope she's not on her pyramid. (foreign film: voice for drew)
I should stay, but what the puck. (superheros
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