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Ayurveda & Energy Healing
With Bill Courson, C.Ayur., Ayurvedic Practitioner
What is Reiki?
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What can Reiki accomplish?
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Of what use is Reiki? What can Reiki accomplish?

Reiki induces relaxation, which in itself promotes the healing process. When we are physically and psychologically at ease, oxygen is circulated to needed areas more efficiently and in greater quantity, muscles relax relieving compression, and the body's natural analgesics and euphorogens (beta-endorphins) are relased into the bloodstream. Adrenalin, often in excess and decreasing blood flow to organs, organ systems and tissues, is decreased.

Reiki is a wholistic energy modality: it provides healing energy to all aspects of the individual - not just to the physical but also to the mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being. In the Asian lands of its origin it has been considered for millenia that physical disease is but the end result of conditions originating in the non-physical aspects of our energy system, a realm known to practitioners of Yoga and Ayurveda as the Pranmyakosha, or energetic sheath.

Contemporary Western medical research has more than amply demonstrated that emotional "dis-ease" can lead to a wide array of physical complaints. A common example: psychologically stressed individuals are much more prone to heart attacks, hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders and hormonal imbalances (the archetypal Type A Personality syndrome) than their optimally-functioning peers. Mental stress debilitates one's immune system, leaving its sufferers suseptable to literally every possible illness, from the common cold to cancer.

Reiki is beneficial as a complementary treatment for all medical, psychological and spiritual conditions often in their earliest stages before manifest, identifiable symptoms appear. Reiki can be used in the healing of people, animals, relationships and natural conditions, either in the recipient's presence or at a distance.

Among the many disorders Reiki has been used successfully to treat are:

Physical Conditions:

Lessens Pain, Edema, and Bleeding.
Enhances the efficiency of the immune system response;
Eliminates or reduces severity of Headaches and Menstrual Cramps
Promotes faster recovery from Surgery & Fractures
Decreases the effects and symptoms of Arthritis
Decreases the effects and symptoms of Asthma;
Lessens symptoms of or eliminates Lower Back Pain, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and Sciatica;
Ameliorates the symptoms of CFS and Fibromyalgia;
Lessens side effects of chemotherapy;
Eliminates or lessens pain associated with Cancer;
Removes symptoms of Lyme Disease;
Removes symptoms of Envirionmental Illness/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome;
Promotes the dissolution of Kidney Stones;
Relieves swelling in Prenatal Toxemia;
Relieves Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Relieves Fibrocystic Breast Donditions
Relieves Restless Leg Syndrome
Promotes healing of Abcesses

Emotional Conditions:

Induces the Relaxation Response
Promotes grounding and centeredness even in major mental illness;
Increases insight;
Promotes recall and release of forgotten memories stored in the body's cells/energy system;
Alleviates Panic Attacks and Anxiety;

Spiritual Conditions:

Increases spiritual awareness;
Assists the dying in transition;
Assists in the grieving process

An Important Note to Prospective Reiki Clients:
Professional Reiki Practitioners never suggest or recommend to clients that they stop their accustomed or conventional treatments. Reiki is a complementary modality which enhances all forms of treatment. It is a completely safe treatment method that can do no harm. It can be used in conjunction with any traditional or non-traditional treatment method.

Just as is the case in conventional treatment, there is no assurance or guarantee of Reiki's effectivness in any particular case. Just as is th case in conventional treatment, in Reiki there is no certainty that what has worked effectively for one or more persons will necessarily work for everyone. This is because every person is a unique individual.

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