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Ayurvedic Healing Consulting & Training with
Dr. Aparna Bapat, BAMS
As is the karma, so is the will; as is the will, so is the deed: as is the deed, so is the destiny.

The seers and sages of my native India taught that we are the creators of our own destiny and we can create anything we want from the field of conciousness. We have infinite possibilities to shape our future and our lives.

Since childhood I always dreamt and pursued success: to be good, and hopefully the best, in everything I did.

Failure was not a word I ever knew or wanted to know. My philosophy in life has always been, I will not change my path if I don't get what I want right now, but change the method or intensify my efforts until I achieve my goal.

When you are completely focused on your destination, your will power and righteous efforts create a path and a direction for your success. God helps them those who help themselves and who believe in themselves. The contributing events and circumstances are created by your desire and will to reach you to your destination. If you become weak at times and if you cannot see through the fog of transient frustrations, you are subject to depressino and a sense of loosing the battle, and are liable to be overly impressionable, overly subject to well-meaning but profitless advice to "let go, move on, and change dreams, etc." Such a course is usually very energy-depleting for your soul and one's soul is one's identity, an infinte source of the energy that supports our very existance.

The physical body has no life without an inspired soul, and it is probably better to die a physical death than "live" (if such a word can be used) with a dead soul. Desire is the embrayo, and if you dont abort it, it will grow to completion of accomplishments that it was designed for.

Every step of progress, every invention of something new or improvemenet of something old that mankind has made has required lengthy toil, repetitious pursuit and arduous struggle to face the many unavoidable challenges and failures along the path. Those who have succeeded have never given up, and those for whom success is destined never will. They have achieved things that have appeared impossible or miraculous to their fellows.

This power is within each and every one of us, but we tend to be very confined in our outlook to explore and utilise this power.

Ayurveda, the science of life, teaches us about this very philosphy, that is, how to live a life that we want, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The power of the mind is an incredible tool given to us to make choices and decisions. These reflect our past, present and future, comprising our karma, our destiny. What we are experiancing right now is the reflection of our past, and what we do today is the foundation upon which our tomorrows are built. Thus, the thoughts which lead to actions have to be constructive and strong, filled with the expectation that our erfforts will prevail and our endeavors bear fruit. Weak thoughts reflect a weak mind and a lack of determination, leading to failure in making the life and future one desires.

The laws of nature are very precise. There are no coincidences but every event and process unfolds according to a precise calculation of action and reaction. There are no chances that sometimes things will work out and other times, not. This is impossible. Every time we do things with the right intent, appropriate capacity and proper method, the result will always and invariably be what one has aimed for. When one's intention are very strong, it is like the powerful Sun, eternal and indestructible; nothing can prevail against it.

Always strive to be that energy, so that not only will you attract everything that you desire and keep them in an orbit around you, but also show the path of light to others who flounder in the dark trapped within a realm beset by false egos and arrogant attitudes.

Since childhood I have tried to cultivate an attitude of not giving up and of being persistant in my efforts and believeing in myself and the ready availability of God's help. This has been the foundation of every successful event in my life.

As a child just just a few years old, I'm told that I used to wave in the sky trying to stop airflights and say aloud "Wait! I want to go to America!" I wanted to study in Englsh-medium schools, so that I would be capable of conveying my thoughts, all over the world and to everyone, easily and fluently. I had to be very persistant in my efforts and put all my life and soul into all that I believe in to achieve it.

It was a very difficult and trecherous path all along, but I always sensed that in the end, success was mine! Success can be yours too, if you but will it and work for it!

Dr. Aparna Bapat

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