Ayurvedic Healing, Consulting & Training with
Dr. Aparna Bapat, BAMS
Dr. Aparna Bapat's work lies in three realms of ayurveda: in practice, in training and in the promotion of the recognition and utilization of ayurveda.

As a practitioner of ayurveda, Dr. Bapat counsels individuals in the means for adopting ayurveda's therapeutics in managing and eradicating health issues and challenges.  A licensed physician in her native country of India, Dr. Bapat - rather than practicing medicine - educates her clientele in using ayurveda as an alternative to or complementary modality with conventional Western (allopathic) medicine.  This embraces an analysis of the client's constitutional and doshic status as well as  counselling relating to lifestyle, fitness, nutritional regimen, herbal mediciation as well as the use of yoga and various manipulative and detoxification therapies where indicated.

In her role as a teacher, Dr. Bapat has taught the principles of ayurveda to a wide array of lay and professional bodies including medical and dental, nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy and nutrition professionals as well as practitioners and teachers of yoga, as well as served as instructor at the
College of Ayurveda (London, UK), principal instructor and director of the New Jersey Institute of Ayurveda and program consultant for the Institute's distance education program (New Jersey, USA) and the Ayurvedic Academy (Seattle, Washington USA) among others.

As a promoter of ayurveda, she has organized and promoted numerous workshops and seminars for the
National Ayurvedic Medical Association (of which she is a Board member and director), the Association of Ayurveda Professionals in North America and numerous local and regional organizations and is a widely published author of numerous professional articles in the field.
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