My Naturist Eden

Will Golden - The Naturist at Shoreham Beach

Shoreham Beach was where it all started. My naturism, I mean; and effectively my life too!

For 43 years I lacked confidence in myself, shutting myself away all my life. So one day I decided; what the hell, and went over the wall. Living near 2 nudist beaches made it easy! In truth I was heavily depressed and probably seeking ridicule. All the naturists welcomed and accepted me as I am, just another guy on a beach, which of course I am! Not all guys are definitively male.

Acceptance has been almost universal except for the odd abusive idiot or discriminatory club-reclusive, but, hey, someone had to fight for the other side in WW2, lol! So, if you want to find me, visit Shoreham Beach, somewhere in the following gallery.

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My first days in naturism    
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RETURN TO EDEN - The summer of 2007      
RETURN TO EDEN - The summer of 2008      
RETURN TO EDEN - The summer of 2009      
RETURN TO EDEN - The summer of 2010      
Beachwatch 2010, BN's official Shoreham Beach Cleanup was a golden chance for a mass photoshoot    
RETURN TO EDEN - The summer of 2011      
RETURN TO EDEN - The summer of 2012    
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