The standout events in my naturist life, social events and beauty spots, like the Rose Cottage, landed camp sites and not forgetting my most notable TV appearance to date, the Great British Body!

The Rose Cottage
Deep in the heart of the East Sussex countryside lies this working garden. The owner, retired well into his 70s, has cultivated the perfect balance between a working garden and an idyllic beauty spot. I paid a visit there with my Swiss friend Daniel in July 2008, a rare hot summer's day in a bitter year.

The London Male Naturists Photo-shoot, Hendon, North London
This mainly gay community was true naturist. Hugh, strict administrator of this group, once famously said, "Any behaviour at this event unsuitable to the naturist community will be met by instant eviction, closely followed by your clothes. A classic! Hugh has been a big factor in helping me grow up in the lifestyle. Thanxxx Hugh!

Why-oh-why do so many educationally-challenged bigots use naturism to practice their homophobia and look to exclude gay men from the lifestyle? I thought we were supposed to mirror society as a whole, except without clothes!

The group staged two photo-shoots at a studio in 2008 and 2009.
Will Golden - Cheerleader
This featured at every commercial break. Yay!
Will Gets In Position
The first ever appearance by a male neuter on primetime British TV. PROUD!
Will Watches Susannah
2 of the 3 stars of the show in one shot
Will Relaxes With Friends
All friends together, equal and tolerant.
Club Naturism Uncovered 
I have spent time in naturist clubs. But to my mind most are the antithesis of naturism, eschewing the watchwords of tolerance and all-acceptance.

For most people, naturist clubs are like an escapist nirvana, as long as they are not perceived as niggers, Yids, queers, spastics (and God help you if you are young and lively!) No, you read that right; I am afraid the club circuit is no place for minorities. Tolerance is grudging and and acceptance is a bridge too far.

I tried several outh-eastern clubs, all of whom changed their attitude to me to abusive as soon as they found out how my disability did not meet their sexual parameters. What sort of clubs are these?

Eventually I found one that I thought had adopted mer. But it seems maybe I was "good press" for them! Only they know for sure and I doubt they will "come clean"!

I was a victim of institutional victimization, set up to keep my nose out, simply because I tried to protect vulnerable people and it transpired the perpetrators of abuse operated within our forces of law and order. You know, like others work within the BBC! But nobody at my club wanted to listen. Few people asked. Either these people are blind to corruption or they are simply part of it! It was too good a chance of shafting the Ken doll!

That is how western society has mutated today. There are too many people in Britain who have either forgotten or simply never learned why we fought the Second World War! The enemy is over here! Alas with the majority hidden in the backwoods, it was the shirts that were brown rather than skin.

On this page I will not elaborate further (it is covered elsewhere), because I did enjoy my extended time at that club and met many wonderful people, some still good friends today. I would still recommend it to the "perfect person" over 50.... the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, married, straight, ageing, but physically unblemished. But it was all washed away with the nasty taste of betrayal.

Instead....... just enjoy the photos from my happy times there and elsewhere around the camping circuit.

Please join me on my visits over the past couple of years
by clicking the thumbnails for a photo title and to see them enlarged.

Of course I have stayed in hire caravans in my trips around the country.
This prompted some more intimate photos, most at one location, with permitted confidentiality.
I know I am not SEXUAL. But am I making a statement for being SEXY?
It is a human weakness. I have as much right to it as anyone!
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