True Naturism: An individual perspective!

Will Golden
My story in PhotoArt 

surreal & experimental, the fringe exhibition gallery goes on tour

PHOTOART My Life in PhotoArt by Will Golden
His entire existence and anatomy is surreal, as if written by Dario Fo into an unenlightened human society as some form of punishment. So, part Elephant Man, part Edward Scissorhands & part alien lifeforce, he set off on tour, an exhibition in artistic beauty hybridised with corporeal mutation. It was choreographed to enhance audience participation but for the most part it was mechanical applause of acceptance from a silent disco. In the end there was a twist. The hero became antihero as the moral of the tale wore thin and his books were burned along with the pyrrhic conscience of the masses in his inevitable auto da f鮍. Please click "start" for the slideshow below!

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