You R beautiful beyond words!

.......but I shall try!

Ok I only seen a photo, so mayB there is love @first sight. But where pix are just a millimeter deep, Yours goes on 4ever. I fell in2 Your smile, thru Your eyes in2 their deep space beyond, floating helplessly in Your universe within, deep under Your beautiful curves, where I am safe but alive.

I don't even know Your name. So I shall just call You "My Heart" coz that is where You live right now.

Catch me! I ain't bad looking, if not worthy of You. Yeh I'm probably 20 years older than You, but I'm too juvenile 4my own peers (sad? or cool?) and live on the curb. I'm fit, fun, active, bright, cool, I guess.

But You can't help noticing, can You? How different I am! So You look @me as I am b4 Nature and ask "What can you do for Me?"

Hear me, I can give You every thing you need except one. I live life and I can share it all with You. That means 99.99999% of everything You want.

Ok, mayB not quite that much; I ain't no highballer. I may not be loaded but I been saving all my love for all my years. I been waiting so long, it became more like a sinking fund .....till I saw Your photo.

I don't understand turned-on. I can't feel hoxy. What I do know is looking @Your photo in2 Your beauty, I feel all twisted up, I can't breathe. Please tell me, My Heart, what is that feeling? That feeling so amped!

Where R You? How can I meet You? If You could just message me in my guestbook here, I would know You R real. That alone would complete my life, knowing Miss Perfect was there, even if never 2Be 4me.

I want 2know 4certain, R You all that Your picture says? MayB You R really the princess of my world. Or, there's a chance mayB You R the complete bitch, lol, but You got that well covered anyway. It wouldn't matter 2me, long as I woke up in the morning watching Your eyes and Your smile still asleep; with me; beside me; touching me.

You have given me reason 2want, 2need, 2love; beyond my body's understanding.

I need 2know, My Heart ...........Who are You?

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