Inspiration to succeed with honour!

This is the guy who inspired me to fight. He is also my example to sacrifice as much as I can for others.

No, Robert Prizeman is not short of a bob or two. But this former Musical Director of the BBC gave up a half-a-million-a-year job with Auntie to devote himself to a project that was to net him love all in wealth but a fortune in spiritual reward.

Meandering year upon year around the schools of South London like a postman who lost his way, Prizeman pulled together a posse of young treble choristers who were to become a living legend. Crossing the class and racial divides, Libera has become a light in the tunnel of our unilluminated times. The third release "Free" sold two-million albums sold in the USA alone. Yet the readies are all accounted for. Security for the boys in their local and international tours are unmatched in show business. Then tack on the teachers and educational assistants who have to complete the planetary caravanserai.

They existed previously in two former guises, the St Philips Boys Choir and Angel Voices, perfecting over the years standard and classic covers. It was only with the name change to Libera that Prizeman took to writing his own material. The resulting album, also called Libera, is to me a sign that God himself poured his own inspiration on the choir as reward for the sacrifice made by Prizeman to a cause for which the word worthy is rather unworthy.

In a time when drunken footballers and coke-decayed popstars are loaded up with OBEs, MBEs and CBEs wholesale, is it not a damnation of our sorry selves that Prizeman has never been mentioned at Award Time?

This is my next task, maybe MY sacrifice. If I don't get this guy to the Palace some time in the next year, I will tear down the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the effort! 2012 is the Year!

All there is left is to let you sit back and watch & listen to the musical miracle unfold

I am the day (Prizeman)
Beata Lux (Prizeman)
Agnus dei (Prizeman)
Stay with me (Prizeman)
Sacris solemnis (Beethoven; chor arr Prizeman)
Mysterium (Prizeman)
Salva me (Prizeman)
Recordare (Prizeman)
Gaudete (Trad arr. Prizeman)
Sempiterna (Prizeman)
Libera (Prizeman)
Lux aeterna (Prizeman)

Sir Robert Prizeman

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