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TRUE NATURISM: an individual perspective
True Naturism: An individual perspective!
Protection Clause

Please beware this site is naturist and therefore THERE ARE NAKED IMAGES THROUGHOUT. This is not a sexual site! Furthermore, I am disabled and my images may be distressing to some.

Nakedness is not illegal from a statutory position in public view of anyone of any age in any western nation, provided it is not impositional or obscene (i.e. sexual).

If you are however incapable of viewing nudity without defaulting to sex, then you are NOT welcome here. There are no sexual images here as they are incompatible with the fundamental principles of a public naturist lifestyle.

However, we are all democracies in the western world and that carries the human right to choose what you see. Naturism is indeed a suitable and safe community in which to bring up children. Each individual parent must decide whether or not proceed from his own perspective.

Therefore, if you find nudity objectionable on a personal level please leave the site now.


Introducing Will Golden: Naturist
"new t'naturism......",

This is the personal page of a naturist, a true naturist. For three years only..... and my life has changed, for the better!

Naturism is living naked without clothes. It is not about sex. The rules are exactly the same as mainstream society, but without clothes. What they can't do in public, neither can nudists. It is not about lounging solitarily on a beach, joining a narrow interest club, becoming a campaigning zealot, indulging in adult only events and activities. This is not society, it is cliques.

To be a lifestyle, the naked life has to be a microcosm of society in general. Too many so called nudist cliques exclude children. Without kids, there is no future generation and the renewal ceases. Therein lies the logical definition of what naturism has to do to become a lifestyle. The family group is the heart of the community. To welcome the kids, the lifestyle has to be strict about keeping "adult" entertainment out of the public events. This is my aim. It is already reality on the continent, but tabloid societies like Britain and the USA, the majority of whose people cannot contemplate nudity without pervertedly equating it with sex, have to combat the guilt complexes that retard the participation of children in the world's most wholesome lifestyle.

Clothes are a marker of cult and discrimination. If I wear chav gear and you are dressed as a goth, I beat you up. If my shirt is Man Utd and yours is Liverpool, we fight. If I wear a suit and you don't, I consider myself superior and ignore, ostracise you. Shorn of clothes, there are no issues between nudists; not even body issues. It is total tolerance and acceptance.

Funnily, I am biologically celibate and am therefore 100% suited to what I am aiming for. But it is not selfishness. Naturists have proven themselves to be less prone to sexual hang-ups and offences than mainstream society. We need to grow to a size where we can teach the majority the value of tolerance, acceptance and community.

"...... neuter nature!".

Celibacy? Yes, this is also the personal page of a man with a birth defect that has left me with no genitalia, visually and biologically neuter, albeit male. Angels are believed to look this way, bereft of the need to reproduce.

Am I The Angel of Naturism?

No, of course not! But everyone is born for a reason. Maybe whoever decides these things has prepared me to take on the role! Oh! Sword of Damocles! LOL!

If you would like to know more about this unique aspect of my life, please find me under "His-Story making His-tory" over on the left.
(Caution: parental guidance)<

"... and out o' nature!".

Of course, if we are naturists, then we are all-accepting, so my body shape will be inconsequential. Right? To the majority of naturists this is true

Alas, this is not always so, as you will find at different points of the website.

When sociopaths and bullies infiltrate largely protected minority groups, the abuse can be worse than out there, especially when they are endorsed and propped up by official representative bodies and the easily-led dumbed-down masses! Discrimination, as we are all aware, increases as intellect and morality declines.

These people are almost exclusively found in naturist clubs and formal naked events. They are not the naturists who welcomed me so openly five years ago. These are people who hide behind walls, like all people who have something to hide, and only emerge to slander whichever social grouping attracts their hatred.

They are driving me out of their WASP culture, cleansed of black, Jewish, gay, disabled and even young people. But then, why would I want to be among them?.

Yes; I was very naive! But I have learned my lesson.

They are a minority in the broad picture of naked freedom. I have plenty of friends and plenty of things to do away from the seedy club scene.

My photography?

Well, most of it is self-taken involving a mobile phone, a timer and a sprint into position.
Am I fit, cute, awesome .....or what? LOL

Anyway, enjoy the site!

Hugz, Will
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Telephone: 07903 019696
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