Here are my favourite photos from the world of naturism
with my own captions added, of course!!

Hans "Natnac", Germany:
New road layout ahead!
Georg Nikolaus, Germany:
Who in his right mind puts clothes ON - to go into water?
From the net:
one of the most popular images in nudism, this video actually dates back to the communist era in the Ukraine.
Sepp "Nacktbergsteiger", Austria:
Naked Toboggan
Hans "Natnac", Germany:
Das Ferienpenthouse? Opa, bist Du sicher?
Klaus, Germany:
Full residential Planning applied for!
Good grief! I been "out-goldened"!
Hans "Natnac", Germany:
Kids drive me up the wall!
from the net: I believe "Azov Films"
Naturism of Angels
Banged-up-Shins, USA:
Up the creek without a paddle... or a boat, or clothes!
RDU, Germany:
Family hideaway?
Unknown; from all over the web:
Hands 2gether4 true naturism - safe4 women n kidz
Georg Nikolaus, Germany:
Wo liess ich die verdammten Kleids?
The hills have eyes.... and other bits too!
The Rev. John Spooner, Australia:
Where'd that damned clothesline go?
Adam Langer, Croatia:
The Integral Trees
Souljacker2, England:
Zulu II - the naked bike ride cut!
Families in naturism :
and too distant to be targetted by pervs!!
Hans "Natnac", Germany:
Pfft! Mensch'n, tragt ihr eignen Kleids!
And of course, me, Mill Golden (!), UK:
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