Where can we take our kids?


I am in the process of compiling here a directory of child-safe, family-friendly venues around Britain. Bear with me as the page grows.

Constantly in our lifestyle, we are unfairly confronted by the rather traditional sleazy paranoia of the UK and US to nudity compared to the open honesty of the French, Germans etc.

Yet the naturist community worldwide has an exemplary record of child-safety compared to the far too often incestuous, paedophiliac tendencies that make up a large part of a largely perverted mainstream society. It is understandable that, where we naturists are so accustomed to nudity we often pay no more heed to our reproductive organs that to, say, our ears, nose and feet, the sheer novelty of stripping in public so distorts the mainstream individual's reaction to skin that the perceived thrill takes over from reality. As a result the average clothes individual basically cannot contemplate nudity without defaulting to sex. Regardless of whether or not this implies that they cannot be considered safe bathing their own children, I am more concerned here, on this page, with the defamatory preconceptions these people have of our lifestyle.

If my friend Hans, from near Karlsruhe, turned up at a nudist event and, as he does freely in Germany, tried to happily wander around the gardens with his grandchildren, all in a state of Freikörperkeit, it is no more illegal in a private setting than the naturist leisure centre evening at Alton, Splashdown at Poole or simply..... life at my wonderful naturist Foundation. This means we are privileged to have several family naturist venues throughout the UK for naturists of all ages. Most of them are private sun clubs, but there are a number of surprising alternative places where genuine family naturism can be enjoyed.

All that is missing is a guide to child-safe, family naturist events, which I am pleased to say, has just been rectified here and now. Please browse on!.

Abbey House Gardens

Abbey House Gardens, Malmesbury, Wiltshire - At the foot of the Cotswolds lies this historic abbey site, bought by two ardent naturists with the money made from property developments in London. You already know these people from TV as the "Naked Gardeners".

The site is permanently open to all-comers, but regularly there are clothes-optional days. This is particularly interesting because we are unusually challenged by the co-existence of clothed and naturist visitors.

It is a private venue, therefore so are its rules. All clothed visitors to the clothes-optional days are made well aware that they will see naked visiotrs and vice versa. Being a private venue, it is accepting and tolerant of all ages. Therefore families with children are welcome both among the clothesd and the clothes-free factions. What they offer is the kind of family lifestyle close to naturist hearts.

Naturist Eden!
Alton Sports Centre

This is naturism at its purest and best, no hangups, prejudices or cliques and not the slightest hint of adult context. The event is arranged by British Naturism Southern Region.

The Hampshire leisure centre closes its doors from 7:30 to 10:30 pm so that nudists from all ages from 5 to 95, largely families, can share the entire centre facilities. Unlike the same venue's adu;lt Sunday events, which by definition are therefore not fully naturist, our next generation is encouraged, albeit accompanied by responsible adults.

You can spend the entire evening enjoying swimming, pool games, carpet skittles, carpet bowls, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, squash courts, table tennis, badminton, short tennis, volley ball, young children's activity centre, fitness room (Tee shirt and shorts to be worn).

There is a cafeteria and a raffle. The only downside is that it is far too short for the no.1 indoor naturist event in the south of England.

CCBN membership is preferred but statutory ID such as a passport is nusually accepted. The cost is £12 on the door or £9 in advance from Sandra or Chris on 023 8063 2199. Unde-16s are admitted for £1.

By rail Alton is 75 minutes out of Waterloo and 2 miles to the centre and the last train back is 10:45pm, so you will need local taxis before and after (about £10 total).

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