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A Yosemite TreasureYosemite's Pride

"Mission Impossible...."

WELCOME !!!!!!!!

Step on in to WildFilly's corral..........feel free to look around........

Any comments or suggestions are always welcome........I may not like 'em, but I will certainly read 'em.

Oh, by the way.......leave the gate OPEN, will ya? 'Filly does not like closed doors......~S~

I have found that most web page authors ASSUME you are here to learn more about them ~ their lives, loves, interests, goals, hopes and dreams........OK, I'll buy that..... on......I hope you enjoy hearing about the ~WILDFILLY ~

The Journey begins.....with one step........

~~Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:

Follow the Filly...........

The Journey begins.............: picture and bio of the Filly
Other Filly and the world.........: Links to all of Filly's interests can be found here.
OR, use this to get around........

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This site HAS THE SPIRIT!! How about you?
Learn more.

Check out my new page,
where you will find help getting around Yahoo / Geocities,
and general web page help information.

Also, if you run Windows 95 / 98 / NT,
you NEED to see this page !

Y2K and Windows

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