Hello, and thank you for visiting my site.

      First off, my name is Jamie Beck, and one day I hope to be a published author.

      I really enjoy reading science fiction, but some times the secular sci-fi can be immoral, vulgar, and even depressing. I find that a shame, since it is a wonderful genre. So I am very happy when I find some wonderful Christian sci-fi. I write what I like to read, and that is usually Christian science fiction, fantasy, allegory, or a combination of these.

      This site, Anctun, is my little corner for Christian sci-fi and fantasy. On my Links page you can find links to other similar sites. A very small amount of my stories (usually short stories) can be found on my My Stories page. And I also have reviews of Christian sci-fi and fantasy books I have read on my Reviews page.

     As for the name of my site, Anctun ("awnk-toon"), it is from my biggest novel project. It is the name of a galaxy, and it is actually in a language that I am creating. (The language has an alphabet, phonetics, grammar, and a lexicon, though it is still a work in progress).

This page is being revised, but feel free to read through the rest of it anyway.

Why don't I believe in evolution?
Hah! I don't have that much faith!

Why do I believe in God?
I just know in my heart and soul that God is real. I have no substantial proof, but then that's faith; belief without proof. Plus, there is so much design in nature. How could there not be a Creator? Evolution has been scientifically disproven over and over again.

Why do I believe that everything was created in 6 actual days?
Fist of all, I believe that the Bible is the Word of God. I also believe that God is Truth. So, since the Bible is the Word of God and God doesn't lie, I have to believe everything that is in the Bible. It makes no sense to believe one thing from the Bible but not another: like if I were to say, Yes, I believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation, but the six days of creation was some sort of metaphor, left open to interpretation. It makes no sense. With the Bible, it is all or nothing, believe it or not. There can not be a compromise.
Also, the book of Genesis in the Bible (where the account of creation can be found) was originally written in Hebrew. I myself am not an expert on this, but I have read that Hebrew is a very specific language and even has several words for "day." Some are more vague and open to interpretation than others, but the one used in the original Hebrew version of Genesis means an actual 24-hour day.

So what is my ideal Christian sci-fi like?
This is what I am hoping for when I pick up a Christian Science Fiction.
If it goes this far, it should hold true to a young Earth and the 6 days of creation.
Having a bunch of stuff about God is great, but Jesus shouldn't be left out, especially if the main character becomes a Christian during the book.
The only other thing I look for is morality, which shouldn't be an issue. Now is this too much to ask for?

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