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Listed below are some personal cross stitch web sites. Some have information such as color charts, finishing techniques and stitching tools, along with pictures of completed patterns. Most also have free original charts that can be downloaded. The bold link is to the personal home page and the italicized link leads to any free charts that might be available at the site. Sometimes this link is the same as the home page link, especially if the site contains more than one page of charts that you're only able to access from the home page. Please don't visit a site just for the free patterns! Take a look at the entire site and if possible e-mail a message or sign a guestbook before you leave.

AABBCCDD.com  Complimentary Charts  A large variety of charts of every description
Anne-Sophie's Cross Stitch  Designs  Cow, sheep, fruit, wheat, clown, antique auto
B & W Crafts  Patterns   Lots of free charts including Christmas, bookmarks, animals, sports
Basically Barb's Home Page  Original Designs  Horse, snowman and cat
Beyond Stitch  Downloads  Free original patterns including holiday, Christian, signs and sayings
Beyond the Garden Gate  Freebie Patterns  Lots of different free patterns from various designers
Cat Cross-Stitch  Free Charts  More than twenty different cat designs
Celtic Tarot in Cross-Stitch Charts  Cross stitch charts and color keys for 22 Celtic tarot cards
Cinnaminn's Crafts  My Graphs  Paws, monkey, rainbow, texas flag, pirates, fleur de lis, terrier
Count on Cross Stitch  Free Patterns  Lion, rose arbor
Cross Stitch By Za  Free Cross Stitch  Cats, dragon, dolphin, panda, zebra, grasshopper, 1930s
Cross Stitch Patterns  Patterns  Cats, mice, unicorn, rabbits, armadillo, butterflies, various holidays
Cross Stitches by Madeleine  Free Patterns  Several cats, tulips, sun, alphabet
Crystal's Cross Stitch Page  Free Patterns  Lots of free patterns, including animals and bookmarks
CyberStitchers.com  Free Patterns Lots and lots of free patterns in many different designs
Dawn's Cross Stitch  Free Patterns  Birds, fantasy, pets, religious, angels, insects, flags and more
Debi's Wonderful World  Original Designs  Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, ornaments
DragonBear  Patterns  Strawberries, bird, badges, samplers, rose, borders, keeshond, motif
Erica's Cross Stitch Designs  Free Designs  Bookmarks featuring Formula 1 racing cars
Faith J. Cormier's Homepage  Complimentary Cross Stitch Patterns  Months, trees, bells
Free Cross Stitch Pattern.com  Free  Seasonal, pets, cartoons, religous, flowers, and many more
Free X-Stitch Patterns  Free X-Stitch Patterns  Oriental, country, animals, flowers, silhouettes, cute
Gabi's Stickseite  Free Patterns  Teddy bears, Christmas, lobster, Easter bunnies, kite, flowers
Gilliandrea's Home Page  Cross Stitch Freebies  Signs of the zodiac, pansy bookmark
Gran's Stitch Niche  Patterns Many wonderfully intricate free patterns for stitchers
Ireland in Stitches  Free Cross Stitch Projects  Irish heart, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Celtic design
Kind Stitchworks  Sample  Small sea lion chart
Kits2Stitch  Free  Alphabets in different sizes
KJ Designs  Freebies  Bookmark, snowman, Christmas
Layden With Stitches  Free Patterns  Cat, flowers, hands, windmills, dogwood and more
LMc Designs  Charts  Father's Day, orchids, patriotic, religious, Christmas, alphabets
Lucie's Cross Stitch  Free Patterns  Charts of sayings, house, alphabet
M'Lady Osanna's Needlework Page  Free Designs  Teapot, blocks, ferret, giraffe skin, butterfly, bees
Martine's Cross Stitch  Free Patterns  Many free patterns, including animals, nature, Christmas
Mary Ellen's Home Page  Free Cross Stitch Patterns  Several flower patterns, bird house
Me & My Budgie  Budgie Cross-Stitch  Nice design of a budgie
Mia Stitch  Original Patterns  Alphabets, borders, Christmas, numbers, Easter, valentines, pillows
Misty's Homepage  Patterns Page  Westies, garden flowers, ice cream, water colors, kitchen, cats
Mukades Design Cross Stitch Patterns  Original Patterns  Submarine, dolls, Disney, Simpsons
My Ladies Cross Stitch  Free Charts  Dolphin and girl, horse, fairies, seahorse, baby Moses, angel
Mz Cilla's Stitchin'  Free Patterns  Christmas, vehicles, animals, southwest, sports, western, bears
Purple Cross Stitch  Free Charts  Lots of small patterns in many different designs
Purple Heart Designs  Free Charts  Dragon alphabet, bear with umbrella, carousel horse and more
Rushnychok  Free Patterns  Lots of borders, textiles, small designs and more
Sharon's Corner  Free Charts  Halloween sampler, garden sampler, Americana, Christmas and more
Sheri's Home Page  My Patterns  Friends forever, several Christmas patterns
Shona's Place  My Graphs  Baby, cats, dogs, wolves, horses, more animals, miniatures

Stitch  Free Patterns  Quite a few free charts, including mallard duck, deer, turtle, celtic knots, rose
Stuart Leslie Designs  Free Designs  Several nice Christian and inspirational patterns
X Marks the Spot  Free Patterns  Bears, flowers, wedding, home and garden, baby, kids, Christmas

Listed below are some business or retail web sites specializing in cross stitch. No endorsement of these sites is intended by their listing. It's merely meant as a service to cross stitch hobbiests.
Click on the bold link to visit the business site. Click on the italicized link to go directly to any free patterns that might be offered. Please realize that many sites change the free patterns they offer on a regular basis, so what is listed below might not be what you actually find when you visit the site. If you download any of the free charts please consider sending an e-mail of thanks to the site. After all, you are getting something for free!

1-2-3- Stitch  Free Cross Stitch Patterns  Ribbons, horse, snowflakes, Christmas, liberty, samplers 
A Craft Affair  Free Patterns  Hearts, valentine, bunny, frog, candy cane, Jesus, alien, flowers
Aidalady's Cross Stitch Attic  Free Pattern  Home is Where the Heart Is pattern
Alchemy Stitchcraft  Free Designs  Pincushion, Christmas
Alita Designs  Free cross Stitch Patterns  Animals, kids, floral, religious, marine, motifs
AnnaLee Waite Designs  Free Pattern  Spring
Ant of Sweden  Free Charts  Loads of free charts of every description
AOK Corral Craft & Gift Bazaar  Project Library  Find cross stitch projects listed amongst many others
Aon Celtic Art & Illumination  Free Ware   Claddagh, knot borders, Celtic cross and several others
Appleton Studios  Free Stuff  A number of free charts of heraldic charges
Acadian Corner  Free Charts  Christmas angle, love bird, spring sampler, flower pot and more
Artecy Cross Stitch  Free Cross Stitch Patterns  Two new charts every two weeks, flags, patriotic
Artful Impressions  Freebies  Bookmarks, jelly beans, snowman and several more
Beardie Designs  Free Charts  Mini Dutch sampler, Christmas, floral
Bev's Country Cottage  Free Cross Stitch Patterns  Angels, bookmarks, holidays, patriotic and more
Black Cat Studios  Free Cross Stitch Kit  Dahlia pattern
Black Swan Designs  Free Designs  Butterfly, rose angel globe
Blue Ribbon Designs  Complimentary Charts  Several samplers, Christmas ornament
Born Again Needlework Designers  Our Gift to You  Several nice bookmarks, peace angel
Brooke's Books Publishing  Freebies  Letter blocks, leaves, holidays, summer, birthday, Irish design
Carol Bond Originals  Free Graph  Small teddy bear with a heart
Carousel Charts  Freebee Cross Stitch PDF Downloads  Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Magi
Carousel Collectors and Creators  Carousel Needlework Shop  Wonderful free carousel patterns
Casamere Designs  Free Cross Stitch Designs  Wedding designs, angels, sunbonnets
Casey Buonaugurio Cross Stitch Designs  Freebies  Eggnog, frog, pumpkin, flower, sampler
CatiaCrafts.com  Complimentary  Beautiful patchwork sampler released one section per month
Cecilia's Samplers  Free Patterns  Baby Jesus Christmas design, angle Christmas design
Celtic Cross Stitch  Free Chart Generator  Create free cross stitch charts in Celtic typestyle
Charles Craft  Free Designs   Various designs for baby, Christmas, Halloween, placemats and more
Chatelaine  Free Designs  Snowman, violets, sunflower, roses, peacock, dragonfly, Christmas
Clare's Celtic Cornucopia  Free Cross Stitch Charts  Dragon, German eagle, knight, holidays
Coats & Clark  Free Projects  Charts for home decor, seasonal and accessories
Coats Crafts UK  Needlecraft Projects  Angels, teddy bears, daffodils, floral, celtic design, dovecoat
Corner Stitch Designs  Free Chart  Pelican chart
Corrina's Cross-Stitch  Free Charts  Frog design
Country Cross Stitch Kits  Free Cross Stitch Patterns  Cat, boat, flowers, pig, dogs, smilies, holidays
Country Stitch  Freebie  Small design featuring cattails
Craft Designs for You  Free Craft Patterns  Angels, teddy bears, cats, dogs, snowmen, religious
CraftCreations.com  Free Projects  Some free cross stitch available from older issues of magazine
Crafts N' Stitches  Free Cross Stitch Patterns  Bear alphabet, pencil, clowns, cats, pig, birdhouse
Crafts Unlimited  Downloads  A new design each month, with last month's available
Created by Kitty  Cross Stitch  Hearing related charts including American Sign Language symbols
Cross Eyed Cat  Freebies  Several nice cat patterns
Cross Stitch Centre  Free Cross Stitch Pattern  Pink roses pattern
Cross Stitch Collectibles  Free Pattern Chart  New chart available each month
Cross Stitch Connection  Free Patterns  Butterflies, ducks, floral, dogs, animals, kitchen, holidays
Cross Stitch Pro  Free Patterns  A changing variety of free patterns on a regular basis
Cross Stitch Treasures  Free Downloads  Bookmark, breast cancer pin, hearts, autumn
Crossed Wing Collection  
Free Charts  Cardinal, owl, hummingbird
Crosstitch.com  Free Cross Stitch Patterns  Flowers, clown, sail boat, kitten, liberty, various ribbons
Daisy Designs  Exclusive  Buffalo chart
Dancing Violet Designs  Free Designs  Miniatures, Christmas, floral, pillow charts
David Studio  Free Design  American flag in an oval design
Designs by Gloria & Pat, Inc.  Free Charts  Prescious Moments, teddy bears, breast cancer ribbon
Designs by Stitch Witch  Complimentary Pattern  Spring leaves
Designs From Pamela  Free Pattern Download  Robin
DMC Creative World  Free Designs  Many charts including animals, floral, alphabets, patriotic, bugs
Dragon Dreams  Samples  Lots of nice dragon patterns, ornaments
Elizabeth's Needlework Designs  Complimentary Graphs  Christmas, robin, flowers, spring and more
EMS Cross Stitch Design  Freebies  Nice rose sampler, small motifs
Epic Stitch  Free Patterns  Single and multiple rose patterns
Erica Michaels Needleart Design  Complimentary Chart  Patriotic
Eterna Silk  Complimentary Charts  Christmas, Celtic cross, valentine, tugboat, harmony, wreath
Fanci That  Free Graphs  Several Halloween patterns
Fiddlestick Cottage  Free Stuff  Chocolate breakfast
FieldAnForest  Free Patterns  Find a free pattern at the bottom of each cross stitch page
Flower Thread  Free Chart  A nice cat chart
From Debbie Cripps  Free Design  Small bird chart
Full Circle Designs  Free Charts  Snowman chart
Geier's Designs  Free Pattern  Angel
Ginokardia  Free Charts  Beautiful charts of Virgin Mary, gypsy woman, several portraits, seaside
Gitta's  Free Stuff  Christmas teddy bear
Glory Bee  Free Designs  Patriotic, holidays, summer, snowman, watermelon, tulips, sampler, sun
Great Bear Canada  Free Patterns For You  Welcome Home cat design
Haberdashery Design  Freebies  Buy Anthing sign, teacup
Handmaiden Cross Stitch  Free Sample Pattern  Tapestry lady
Heartfelt Designs  Complimentary  Celtic bookmark, needlecase
Heaven and Earth Designs  Free Charts  Bunnies, angel, mouse, dragon, fairies, Christmas doll
Herb Folle's  Freebies  Halloween, snails, storks, Christmas, cat, rose, houses, bookmarks
Here and Above  Free Craft Patterns  Bookmarks with different designs, bunnies, pets, bellpulls
Hillside Samplings  Free Graphs  Hogs and Kisses design
HobbyCraft  Ideas Library  Search craft library to find cross stitch projects
HobbyLoco.com  Free Patterns  Animals, flowers, Halloween, 4th of July, Easter, Christmas and more
Holder Design  Free Designs  Star table cloth motif, grapes table cloth motif, tableware motifs
Hyland Designs  Free Pattern Page  Home Sweet Home chart
Independence Needlepoint Company  Free Patterns  Several horse patterns
Indian Design Crochet  Free Cross Stitch Pattern  Design of a Navajo deity
Ink Circles  Free Charts  A number of small ornaments and Celtic designs
Jean Farish Heart & Home  Complimentary Charts  Motifs, Americana, Christmas, holidays, baby
Jeanette Crews Designs  Free Project  Fawn
Jiffy Pattern Shop  Free Cross Stitch Patterns  Butterflies, sea shells, portait
Joyful Expressions  Free Patterns  Several Bible verse charts, bookmark
Joy of the Needle  Extras  Americana flag, 9-11 memorial design
Julie's XStitch  Free Patterns  Santa Clause, snowman silhouette
kaleidostitch.com  Free Samples  A lot of really nice small designs
Kelowna Yarn & Needlecrafts  Free Stitching Charts  Spring flowers, Canadian teddy with flag
Kooler Design Studio  Free Charts  Christimas, flowers, Hebrew alphabet, Star of David
Kreinik  Freebies  Lots of angels, Christmas, Halloween, and miscellaneous patterns
L & G Point Cross Stitch Designs  Free Charts  Flowers, praying hands, chalet, girl praying and more
L'ago di Ariele  Free  Panda, fish, Regina Carter portrait
La Chatelaine Designs  Free Charts  Valentine bookmark, shamrock sampler, tablerunner and more
Ladybug Lane  Freebies  Valentine, birthday, two small samplers
Laura J. Perin Designs  Free Patterns  Cross stitch deer pattern, several nice canvas patterns
Linen Flowers  Samples  Pioneer horse, spiritual bookmarks, Mother's Day
Lizzie*Kate  Free Charts  Christmas, spring, friendship, Halloween, hugs, blooms, borders
LucieHeaton.com  Free Charts  Easter bunny, frog, kisses, valentine,cat
Lynne Nicoletti Cross Stitch Designs  Complimentary Designs  Several teddy bears and angels
MarianaLiza  Free Designs  Alphabets, bookmark, very nice scenic pictures, ice skating, skiing
Michaels Stores  Cross Stitch Project Ideas  Over 100 different patterns to download
MingiuStitch  Free Patterns  Some beautiful charts of the seasons, Christimas, garden sampler, eggs
Moonlight Inspirations  Free Cross Stitch Patterns  Tags of snowman, pumpkin, bird, house
Moonshadow Stitchery  Sample Charts  Several cat designs and a few other needlework patterns
Mountain Harmony Creations  Free Patterns  Religious, special events, holidays, religious, patriotic
MTV Designs  Free Pattern Archive  Seasons, roses, samplers, Tuscany, bookmarks, wedding
Mufu's Rabbitry & Cross Stitch  Free Patterns  Witch, eagle, Stonehenge, Easter, valentine, rabbie
My Big Toe Designs  Freebies  Jesus Loves Me, buds, snow, Name of God
My Cross Stitch Art.com  Free Patterns  Great site with wonderful large patterns that change often
Mystic Stitch Inc.  Free Patterns  Three beautiful scenic patterns
Nancy Hearne Designs  Free Pattern Archive  Balloons baby bib, several different towel patterns
Nancy Spruance Designs  Free Charts  Border designs and ornaments
Needle Delights  Free Patterns  Apple tree, light house, pumpkin, four seasons and several more
New Stitches Magazine  Free Charts  Harvest, flowers, Christmas stockings, Christmas, Halloween
Nomad Designs  Free Fantasy Cross Stitch Pattern  White unicorn chart
Nordic Needle  Free Projects  Mostly hardanger designs but projects added all the time
Paw Printings  Free Charts  Bunny, special forces penguin, cat, Christmas ornament
PictureCraftwork  Free Samples  American history, animals, buildings, paintings, winter and more
Pigs in Power  Free Designs  Christmas teddy, jack-o-lantern, fox, heart, snowman, bookmark, ghost
Polstitches Designs  Freebies  Butterfly cross stitch chart along with hardanger designs
Rainbow Gallery  Free Charts  Alphabets, months, seasons, miscellaneous small patterns
Rania's Cross Stitch Creations  Free Patterns  Many small charts including floral, animals, Christmas
Rick's Charts  Free Charts  New York skyline, Psalm 23, fireman's prayer, many more
Robin's Next Designs  Free Chart  Patriotic alphabet design
Sampler Cove  Freebies  Several nice samplers
San-Man Originals  Free  Love, eggs, firefly, Christmas, Halloween, alphabet, fall, corn, flowers
Sandra Parlow Cross Stitch Design  Complimentary Designs  Swirly snow
Sekas & Co.  Free Graphs  Gingerbread basket, jack-o-lantern basket, basket of flowers
Sheepish Designs  Free Charts  Several sampler charts
Silkweaver  Free Chart  Large butterfly chart
Six Strand Sweets  Free Patterns  Needleroll, gardening, purses, tea, chocolate, jellybeans, Easter
Solaria Gallery  Complimentary Designs  Teddy bears, landscapes, portraits, florals and others
Stitch a Painting  Free Patterns  Two charts featuring pandas
Stitch Alley  Free Projects  Loads of free small charts, including alphabets, holidays, numbers
Stitch Cross  Free Patterns  Animals, cars, flowers, orange slice, landscapes, basket of fruit
StitchCraft  Free Charts  Baby sampler, daisies, orchids, rose, other needlework types
Stitchin'spiration  Free Designs  Celtic designs, love, be mine, hearts and tulips, shamrocks
Stitching the Night Away  Free Patterns  Lots of patterns including Christmas, creatures, bookmarks
Stitchy Kitty  Freebie Treats  Santa paw, kitty paw, watermelon, melon house
Susan's Stitchery  Free Charts  Teapots of various images, gingerbread men, baby, home, Easter
Sylka-Mode  Free Downloads  Several birds, abstract pattern, flowers
The Art of Stitching  Freebie Archives  Loads of free large patterns in wonderful designs
The Cat's Whiskers  Free Designs  Noel Christmas tree ornament
The Chart Shop  Free Charts  Loads of small patterns incluidng animals, holidays, special occasions
The Chocolate Cat  Free Designs  Flowers, cats and dogs, Christmas, Easter, love, bookmark
The Cricket Collection  Gift Design  Kiss chart
The Cross Stitcher Magazine  Free Projects  Angel. pumpkin, Christmas bear, John Deere tractor
The Galactic Gallery  Free Downloads  Bookmarks, unicorn, ladybug, scenic design
The Golden Hoop  Freebies  Hearts design
The Needlecase  Freebies  Flower bouquet, graduation
The Posy Collection  Free Cross Stitch Charts  Flag, Columbia space shuttle, 9/11, freedom
The Prairie Schooler  Free Design  Miniature sampler
The Sampler Girl  Free Charts  A number of different sampler-type chart designs
The Silver Needle  Free Charts  Several free patterns in various categories
Tokens and Trifles  Free Charts  A great many charts in varied designs
Told in a Garden  Free Christmas Designs  Free charts for a variety of Christmas ornaments
Trail Creek Farm  Special Offers  Small charts of the seasons and patriotic designs
Treasured Tapestries  Free Patterns  Backhoe, Halloween, foxhound, dog and cat, teddy bear, clown
Treetrunk Designs  Free Cross Stitch Charts  Gift tag, snow flake, lighthouse
Truswell Needlework Design  Freebies  American flag, snowflake Christmas ornament
TW Designworks  Complimentary Designs  Celtic, dragons, seasons, ornaments, bookmarks, angel
Twisted Oaks Designs  Free Designs  Scissors fob, thistles, sampler
Vermillion Stitchery  Sample Designs  One snowman per month during 2008
Vicstitch  Free Cross Stitch Charts  Pansies, dog, cat, sports
Vitaly  Free  Two nice large oriental charts with color keys
Waxing Moon Designs  Free Designs  Bunny, snowman, bluebird, cardinal, sparrow, blackbird
Whispered by the Wind  Free Counted Cross Stitch Charts  Bunnies, patriotic, cat, Halloween, snow
Wild Threads  Free Design  Siamese fighting fish
Wimble Bees  Free Cross Stitch  Valentine birds, Italian pattern, flower
Wishful Thinking  Free Chart  Seaside dunes
With My Needle  Complimentary Designs  Sampler, flowers, willows
X-Stitch Birds  Free Charts  Woodpecker, bee-eather, kingfisher, cardinal, macaw
Yankee Cross Stitch  Free Charts  Peace design
Yiotas XStitch  Free Cross Stitch Charts  Christmas, religious, angels, birds, horses, dogs, cats

I stitched the above pattern years ago. I'm not even sure where I got the graph! I think it was just a small kit that someone gave to me. Designs like this are nice and simple, don't use too many colors, and are easy to frame and hang in any room in the house. They also make great gifts!

Many of the free patterns found at the links provided were created with PCStitch, a program that allows you to create your own cross stitch patterns. Click on the link to download a free copy of this software for your own use. The only limitations with the free version are that you cannot save patterns and you can only print unmodified designs. Its a great program! Try it out and see!

You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view charts that are in PDF format. Click on the link provided to download the free program.

Pattern Maker Viewer allows you to open, view and print any Pattern Maker file. You may need this program to view some charts that you download from various sites. Visit the link to download the program.

Check out the About.com: Cross Stitch site. You'll find all sorts of articles about cross stitching, tips and hints, forums for discussion, a buyer's guide and a whole library full of free patterns! Want to know how to make a certain stitch? Find out here. Need to know what kind of gadget to use for a difficult project? Again, find out at this site. Pay it a visit soon!

Are you into more crafts besides cross stitch? Take a look at Crazy4Crafts for fun - and free - projects for the entire family. While you're there take a look at the Cross Stitch page. You'll find some nice free charts along with articles and tips about the hobby.

Stitchers from the United States and around the world are memorializing the events of September 11, 2001. Please pay a visit to the home page of the
9-11 Memorial Quilt Project and view the quilts dedicated to the victims.

If you visit any of the sites listed, and take advantage of the free materials offered, please sign the site guest book or leave an e-mail message to thank the person or business for making the charts and patterns available for download.

If you find any broken links on this page please take a moment to send a quick e-mail to let me know. I try to go through the links as often as possible, but as everyone knows when it comes to web links, what's here today isn't necessarily there tomorrow!

Are you nterested in sharing your cross stitching experiences and tips with other people who enjoy the same hobby? If so, head over to Yahoo Groups today! Type 'cross stitch' into the search engine and you'll be taken to a list of the many groups dedicated to the art of cross stitch.

Do you have a cross stitch related site? Send me an e-mail with the web address and I'll get it added to the list. Do you know of any good cross stitch pages that should be listed here? Again, get me the site address and it'll be added.


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