Tyler's Shadowrun Harem

Tyler's Shadowrun Harem

Welcome to Tyler's Shadowrun Harem. There are many assorted things on the site as listed below from Run Summaries, to looks at the Shadowrun P&P RPG, and even the Video Games of Shadowrun. Some images I have gotten from other places on the net, some I have scanned in/saved screenshots of myself. Enjoy them!

I've got a question for you whom have read Dunkelzahn's will... Whatever happened to Lars J. Matthews? Remember kids, never deal with a dragon!

*Soon to Come* :

-My Shadowrun Fan Fiction Story
-Complete Novel Listing and Novel Summaries.
-Expanding and more-encompassing Database
-Character Sheet for Stealth, a low powered human street samurai mercenary
-Sourcebook/Errata Page (of books that I own)

*Shadowrun P&P RPG* :

Pencil and Paper Shadowrun Role Playing Game - A great stop for all about the P&P game and who owns the rights for it.

*Shadowrun Video Games* :

Super Nintendo Shadowrun - The SNES version of Shadowrun with an involving plot line, cool graphics, neat weapons, and a good storyline.

Genesis Shadowrun - The Genesis version of Shadowrun with a neat plot, awesome weapons and graphics, and alot of "chose your way" options that make it top of the line.

Sega CD Shadowrun - The Sega CD version of Shadowrun, while a Japanese only game, is said to be very good. See the screenshots and choose for yourself. It actually does on-screen dice rolls though. It is a shame it was never translated and released in America or Europe.

*My Shadowrun Creations* (Characters and Religion)

Atenianity - An article written by Vegetaman as a new Shadowrun religion for cultists or non-shadowrunning type people or games. Could also be used as a branch off of a shadowrunning game.

*GM's Notes* (Runs I've created and GMed personally) :

*Home Turf* - [Run Cancelled]

*The Castle* - [Run Cancelled]

*The Mob Rules* - [Run Cancelled]

*Current In Progress Run*

1 Body Count
2 Run Hard, Die Fast
3 Down By Two
4 Bad Reputation

*Run Summaries* (Runs I've used my own PC in) :

House Arrest - Of all people to be our Mr. Johnson, it was a Lone Star! Luckily he wasn't there to arrest us. Knight Errant had screwed up, and one of their convicts had escaped. Mr. J was hiring us to get him back... for a price...

The Briefcase - We were hired to go to the center of Anarchy, Berlin Germany, to steal Lot 209 which had to be kept cold. Also, we were supposed to remove the contents of a wall safe, and put the briefcase we recieved in it's place. At a price of 40,000 nuyen between 5 runners, we couldn't refuse.

To Serve and Protect - A tall, yet slightly plump Johnson hired our team to conceal his bosses safety. Three targets were to be 'silenced', but only geeked if deemed necessary. After almost fragging the Johnson for his attitude, one of the team walked on this one, but that just left more money and hardware for the rest of us.

Formicae Venoratis - Our team was given 1000 nuyen for showing up for the run, and were sent to the docks of Seattle to take out a menacing Wendigo. For the amount of money we were told we would be paid by the Johnson, saying that it would be worth more living than dead; and the fact that it was terrorizing our home city... we just couldn't refuse.

The Modern Arts - A group of guys called to a hotel, stripped of their weapons, and gathered together to learn of the killing of a one Mrs. Donatachi; some art lady we were told as we had also heard on the radio. Part of the run was to find her killers, the other part was to retrieve three pieces of her art. It was a recipe for mayhem from the start.

Jump Right In - We were right there, dropped off by Stealth's GMC Bulldog Step-Van onto a second story ledge. All Stealth and Cheetah needed to do was get inside, drive out the Rust Stilettos, and collect their pay.

The Tyrant - A group of guys was hired to take a flight from Seattle to Boston, and given a week to get there. What happened when we got there is something yet to be explained.

NOTE: All of the run files are updated to the extent that they should be, and House Arrest will be completed as soon as a delivery is made and the rest can be written. Provided the games actually run through to completion...

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