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UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! The calendar has been updated and is current until the July meeting.

I have added a link to the FEMA Training page for the IS700 NIMS class and other online courses.
I have also added a new link on the Member's Page to the EM Cert website for online CEs.
If you have any suggestions or comments on items you would like to see added to the Member's Area, or any other area on this page, please use the e-mail function at the bottom of this page.!


This years challenge is scheduled for July 25 - 28, 2006. At this time, 16 team slots are available and registration is limited to one team per organization on a first come first serve basis until June 10, 2005. After that date, participation will be re-evaluated to determine whether organizations can enter multiple teams. Just remember though, "If you want to win the Hazmat Challenge, you got to beat Intel to do it!"
For details contact:
Andrea D. Romero
Hazardous Materials Response, S-10
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Mail Stop K542
Phone 665.1049
Cell 699.1558
Fax 665.4477
Schedule B

OTHER NEWS!!! Valencia County Emergency Services Office has released the County-wide bans on open burning in accordance with the state-wide National Forestry release on open burning! Watch for updates on burn bans and I will try to keep us posted.

The FEMA Emergency Management Institute

This online publication was developed specifically for those interested in firefighting and EMS within Valencia County, however not exclusively limited to Valencia County. I will continue to add more information and links, as new requests come in, so check back often. Also, if you know of a worthy entry, or have a site of your own that you would like me to add, just drop me a line. Also, be sure to visit the other sites on the Webrings associated with this site.

Lifeguard Services of University New Mexico Hospital

Firefighter Close Calls - Home of the Secret List

This is an excellent source of information on "close calls" (incidents that could have caused injury to firefighters...but didn't), firefighter deaths and/or injury, training aids for departments, communication issues, and lots more. I highly recommend you visit this site regularly!

U. S. Fire Administration

Well, you've made it this far. That must mean we are still holding your interest. I will add some photos of our equipment, station, and personnel as I can get them, and time and space permit.

New Mexico State Forestry

With such extreme fire conditions prevailing across the entire SW, I would be amiss if I didn't provide a link to some local and national weather forecasts. Here is the Albuquerque Journal's local weather report, KOAT TV, and the National Weather Service weather forecast.

KOAT-TV Channel 7

National Weather Service

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If you have any comments and or suggestions...just "drop" us a line!

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