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Citizen Army

Redefining Civil Society Participation in the Philippine Defense System

          One of the distinct features of our armed forces is that our officer corps and the soldiery come from all segments of society, unlike in some countries where they are drawn from one social group. We can thus regard our armed forces as the "armed forces of the people," a term enshrined in the 1935 Constitution. (continuation)

On a Citizen Armed Forces

The Davide Commission which made an inquiry on the causes of coup detat after the December 1989 stated that the academy system is a threat to a democracy. In asking the AFP to review its system of officer training, it was referring actuallyto the PMA in that the products are showing signs of psychosis. This is the effect of four years of hazing or brutalization. The products are socially dysfunctional and regard the world with hostility. 72% of those involved in coup come from the academy. They make up the higher ranks in the coup and they ordered the lower ranking non-PMA to join them. This situation is exacerbated with the present situation wherein even the NBI is now controlled by the same academy so that there is no longer any independent uniformed agency that can check the excesses of the academy graduates. The total control of the AFP and the police by the same institution was planned way back in 1981. The fruit of such a policy if carried to completion can be seen in what is happening now in Indonesia which is slowly disintegrating. The other institutions have to be strengthened to resist intimidation by the bodies designed to protect the body politic and not to rule over it. The solution lies in the citizen soldiers and not in a Prussian-like military elite which makes the military science an esoteric art subject to licensing by them. (continuation)

THE FINAL REPORT of the Fact-Finding Commission

THE FINAL REPORT of the Fact-Finding Commission (Pursuant to R.A. No. 6832) October 1990 Short-Term prescriptions: Since a coup d’etat is primarily a military operation which does not depend on mass civilian support for its success, immediate prescriptions should be directed at immobilizing, isolating, and capturing military rebels, both known or covert, before they can plan, recruit, or launch a coup. (continuation)

Chairman, Hilario G Davide Jr
Commissioners: Ricardo J Romulo, Delfin L Lazaro, Carolina G Hernandez, and Christian S Monsod.

Oh Those were the (Cadet) days

          As the semester comes to a close, every cadet looks back with the air of a conqueror as he tries to recall once more the events that made this semester what it was. As he racks his memory, he invariably visualizes the happy as well as the unhappy events, sometimes, but more often than not, in their chronological order. (continuation)

The Homecoming

          The old cadet comes home. Once again he walks the fields and the corridors of his youth. Familiar faces bring shenanigans shared. And memories of standing shoulder to shoulder, yet not seeing eye to eye. He hopes to fill himself with the past, but will leave with even a greater void. Unless- (continuation)


          My tribute to a truly good man by Teto Inocencio UPV'54

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