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We are proud to announce the start of the United States Veterans Association (USVA). This association has been started for our Veterans of the United States Armed Service of men and women, who unfortunately have been so long forgotten. Veterans become forgotten in the midst of life itself. Unfortunately, many of our Veterans have become discouraged and disassociated. We become so accustomed to our freedom and everyday luxuries that we get caught up in our world and tend to forget those who have secured our Freedom by giving their time and their lives. Therefore, it is our responsibility to let our American Veterans know now that "they are not forgotten".

Our goal is to continually encourage support and value the men and women who are our American Veterans and their Families by elevating pain, suffering and economic short falls and to provide assistance and scholarship whenever possible. USVA is committed to the American Veteran.
The most rewarding part of the USVA is the response from the recipients, our American Veterans. They are overwhelmed and excited about what we are doing. They feel a connection and realize they have not been forgotten.
It is so important to remember our American Veterans who have fought for our country. So, join us today in reaching out to our wonderful American Veterans. Let's pull together our support for our Forgotten American Veterans!

Thank you.

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USVA Headquarters
324 Green Oak Rd.
Lyons, GA 30436
Phone/Fax: 912-526-3303

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