A Piece of Indonesian Philosophy

This is not mine. It is Nadia Hutagalung, my favorite babe.

What do you think about Indonesian's brain? Are they smaller, bigger or just the same size with other human in the world? I really don't want to know about these stuff,and I don't care what you are standing for. I just want to share the idea about the philosophy of many Indonesian thinks about. It's some kind of weird, when I first time thinking about. But further you go, you wanna like it. Me? No. I just like to think it whenever I have time and I want to think about it. Are they hot? What is the basic of philosophy?

This is the web inital development, it is aggressively updated, so come back soon. I developed this homepage series to explore and share the philosophy of Indonesian, especially Javanese people. Let we start with the primbon - the bible of Javanese people. And you always want to know abot Indonesian women and the sexual life.

news - news - news

Just for the background, initially you want to find news about Indonesia nowadays. Attention: do not read everything that not listed. It is very dangerous for your brain's health.

general indonesian studies

For further evaluation on Indonesian's brain you can check out CIDES Cyberspace (the Center of Indonesian Development Studies, if I am not mistaken). If you like in depth coverage on Islamic stuff (remember: Indonesia is the largest Moslem community in the world), see Paramadina's Home Page. How about Indonesian Society, a lot of people hanging out there to see who speak what from leading Indonesian people. They talk about everything, especially about the power and money. Is that true according to Leister Brown from Earth Institute? Or check out Home Pages Indonesia if you still want to know about Indonesia.


By the way, just click if you like to see my personal life , which include my research and publications , and my resume. Also my dreams, ultimately strive for PhD candidature for Monash University.

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