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Hi, I'm Linda and I can tell you Magic, Ace, and Duddley are messy so please watch your step

The description of my page is:

Magic, Ace, and Duddley and how they run the Humans lives

I would also like to take this time to thank the people that really helped me get this homepage together.... their help has been really appreciated and I would like everyone to know.... Thank you Labby , Kira , And Wolfie... this page wouldn't be what it is today with out all the help..

Hi everyone!!!!!! First I should introduce myself to you.... My Name is Magic and And I am a five year old Paint stud... Now the humans around here seem to be under the impression that they are in charge but as you will soon see who really is in charge here is myself and as much as I hate to admit a couple of teeny tiny little male dogs up at the house called Ace and Dudley.... Now just like me they have their girlfriends and we will introduce them all to you later First of all though I guess I should introduce the humans that take such good care of us.... At least that way we can make them feel like they are important... First of all we have the head human male.... his name is Gerald and all in all he is a pretty good guy (I have pulled some real stunts on him and he still comes back for more) Next we have the head female human her name is Linda and she spends a lot of time with us... she is the one that comes out in the morning and makes sure that we have plenty to eat and drink and if we are sick she is right there doing what ever it takes to make things better for us.... then there is the youngest human.. his name is Josh and he is a really neat kid for a human...I feel sorry for him in a way he's the one that has to help clean up after us... Oh well as you can see we will all be having our own pages Mine will be called Magic's Corral please come and Visit it.. Ace and Duddley will have Ace and Duddley's corner so please visit them...

Ace & Duddley's Corner

Magic's Corral

My Lady Vicky

My Family Album

Meet My Friends.

My Rings Page

My Links Page

Our Awards Page

Our Awards To Give For Other Pages

Poetry Corner

Memberships and Things Dear to the Heart

A Friend sent this to me and I thought that I would like to share it with all of you she wasn't sure who wrote it but it has a beautiful message

~My Cyber Friends~

I haven't ever seen you,

But I know you're really there;

I click you into reality

Like magic from the air.

Your voice is like an angel,

Though I really do not hear;

Your hug as warm as any

Of loved ones I hold dear.

You're always there for comfort,

Or a word of cheer;

Though you are very far away,

I always have you near.

You're a very special friend,

Like none I've ever known;

As long as you're in cyberspace

I'll never be alone......

Please say a Prayer For Fred

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