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The Tails of Two Kitties

(with apologies to Mr. Dickens)

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Who Are We?

Welcome to our Home. We are Lucy and Ethel - a sibling pair of tortoiseshell cats who adopted our friend and caregiver, Mary, in late 1995. We had spent 6 weeks at the Animal Shelter before that and boy, were we happy to find such a lovely big house. (Not to mention the fact that Mary is such a pushover - we've got her firmly wrapped around our tails, paws, claws and whiskers - and she doesn't seem to mind one bit!) All Ethel had to do was lick her fingers when she came by our tiny apartment and she was a GONER!!! We knew it the moment she came in the room.

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Our Hobbies and Interests

Among the things we like to do are


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You Might Like to Know About Some of Our Favorite Things


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E-Mail Keep our "litter (oops, letter) box" full - Mary usually empties it daily for us

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